hermes virgin

  1. Genreal question? How much does a hermes birkin retail for?
  2. Hi Candace and welcome!

    Depending on size and leather, the range is anywhere from the upper $6ks to $148K for the crocodile and diamond one! For a non-exotic skin, and a mid-price leather like Togo, a 35cm right now will be in the mid $7ks.

    Here's a great link for general information and also a FAQ thread is in this library as well. Have fun browsing!
  3. Also,..the bags tend to be a little less expensive in europe, if you are not part of the EU, and on top of that you get 10% VAT back.
  4. Thanks for the ingo. It was very helpful
  5. grands fonds once posted a similar-titled thread i think. it always starts with this tentative initial post and then before you know it BOOM, you're swapping acquisition stores with shopmom.
  6. Dang right! I'm on a self-imposed Hermes shopping BAN until I hit the sidewalks of NYC next week-end, J. Nothing like S'Mom and a couple of clear cc's on Madison Ave!!!!
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