Hermes Virgin

  1. Okay - 40 is coming soon and I have decided to buy myself a raisin Birkin to celebrate. I like big bags but what is too big? Also if I order it in Togo leather what should I expect the price to be?
  2. In my opinion the 30cm is the best size...the proportion are just prefect...if you need it for work the 30cm might be a bit too small for folders and papers...35cm would be plenty big though...
  3. Any ideas on price for the 35? I just read that the Togo is heavy - any other recommendations?
  4. i think all leather are about the same (vache naturel/barenia/ardenne (out of production) are heavier)...light would be a combination with toile or denim (harder to get - and more spring/summer feel)...a 35cm is a heavier bag...but the 30 isnt light has to suffer a bit :smile: about the price i think the 30 starts at $6'500 plus tax up to $7'500 what i've read you have the chance to order one? or just planing on getting one?
  5. Unfortunately, the Chicago store says their waitlist is closed so I am looking to order one. I spend time in both the LA area and NYC so hopefully I will get lucky and have the opportunity to order one or see one in the store.
  6. sounds like a great choice! I think there was one on e-bay to look at...
  7. shoegal, I think it depends on your height, body proportions, and how you like the size of your bags. Since I am pretty slim and petite, I generally prefer the 30 cm. On the other hand, my mother who is 5"7 a has a middle-sized frame, tends to go with a 35 cm. I hope this helps! :flowers:
  8. My first birkin was a 40cm black togo, I adore the bag but have to say... I hardly use it anymore because of how heavy it is. I have a fondness for it because it was my first, but I am much happier with both my 35cm. I am 5'8, thin, and find the 30cm a bit to small for my frame I think the 35 is perfect. I think you may find the 40 oppressive. Good luck!!!
  9. I think you'd like either a 30 or 35. Raisin is great! For Togo, a 30cm is $6800 and a 35cm is $7400. :smile:
  10. :biggrin: Thanks - the hunt begins!
  11. Good luck! I agree w/ all the previous posts. If you're in the 5'4 arena, then go w/ a 30 cm. But if you're in the 5'8 category (or taller), then definitely go w/ the 35 cm. I'll pray to the Hermes gods for you (and me:shame: ) for a successful hunt.
  12. Don't forget to check out the stickies, they have tons of picture and some price info!
    Good luck on your hunt :yes:
  13. i'm 5'2" and the 35 looks fine on me. it really depends on what you plan to use it for. i need to be able to put manila files and if i need to my laptop, so the 35 is best for work.
  14. I'm about 4'11 and I just bought a 35 and it looks fine on me considering my height.