Hermes Virgin - Please help!


Sep 30, 2010
Dear All

After months and months of consideration, I've decided to lose my Hermes virginity! :P

I want a Birkin ~ either light blue, red, or purple in 35cm. The problem is, I'm clueless as to what leather, what hardware etc. And also, the price - where is the cheapest, and HOW do I ask the SA's for one? I've heard that you have to make friends with them first?

I'm quite young and I want a colour/leather that is FUN but also classic...and a price that won't leave me eating instant noodles for the rest of my life haha

So I ask of you all experts in help me decide in which colour, which hardware, and where is the best place to purchase it.

Thank-you for your help!


All Things H...
Jan 8, 2010
Hi, for the cheapest prices I think Europe would be the best, and as for color well personally Im a big purple fan, but red is a great classic too. If you want something that will last longer or wont need so much babying, then perhaps a darker color may be better. You should take a look at the color threads in the reference section and see which one sings out to you more! Good luck deciding!