Hermes Vintage Bag Nightmares & Hermes Leather Care

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  1. Hello, Looks like Amazonia which is a natural rubber (polymer?) in anycase the color is more of a dark brown than a black IRL,I would use Hermes Amazonia wipes on that part of the bag or for a cheaper alternative you can use Tire Protectant like you get an auto supply shop. The leather part looks like Clemence..and I would NEVER use Hermes Saddle baume on can certainly use Blackrock if you wanted to...or Sapphir baume or meltonian leather baume,or meltonian delicate...all of these would work:smile:
    I hope this helps? Cheers! doc
  2. Yes I think that's a good way to go..the
    Fiebings Leather Baume with Atom wax in Black
    will restore the color and condition and when you finish with a nice buffing you will get a lovely mellow glow which you should be happy with:smile:Cheers,doc
  3. Thank you so much, Doc. I appreciated your help, as always.
  4. Doc this was a bit tricky to order, the closes I could find is Fiebing's Leather Balm With Atom Wax, it doesn't seem to come in blacks though - is this the correct one?

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    Yes, that's the stuff..however it they do make a black colored one...I'll check on it for you...hugs,doc

    PS> looks like it's hard to find..too bad it would have been a nice easy fix for your Chanel with some color loss..
    Oh well never mind...I guess your best bet is a touch up dye application with a small smudging with a small tiny pored sponge with some Tarrago dye in Black (just a spot application and very lightly...then finish with the Fiebing's baume with atom wax...
    You can get your products and then come back and I'll walk you through the process :o) See you then :o)
  6. OK will do! And I am presuming this is Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye Kit with Preparer No.18 Black! I will get that and Fiebing and get back to you (and I will get Blackrock, Ober.. etc for box leather for H)!!

    Thank you so much :hugs:
  7. I tried the leather wipes and it worked. The goat skin looks much cleaner but it gets a bit dry afterwards. Thanks for your advice.
    BTW do you know any products that i can use to conditioning, waterproof and clean the Lv vernis leather?
    Thank you!
  8. May I ask a question about dry older leather, Doc?

    Got an older Coach NYC made briefcase for carrying my hobby "stuff" for $18 on the bay. It was rough but still in very good overall shape (some corner wear, otherwise totally structurally sound).

    I've gave it a bath Coach-board style (eew, filthy) and have been Blackrocking and Obenaufing it. In general the leather is much improved - but this bag was SO unloved by someone.

    Some piping on the edges seems especially dry. Should I touch that up every few days with one of the products to keep building up moisture? Should I let the bag sit for a week or so and then do it all again?

    With very dry leather, would you keep doing the B&O sequence, or after a round of that concentrate on moisturizing with another (or only one of those) products?

  9. Yes, you are right on all counts:smile: Let me know when you are ready to start your project :smile: Hugs,doc
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    White bags are always more of a challenge..the top color is acrylic based in almost every case..this top coat is difficult at best to get conditioners to pass so that the leather below can be conditioned.... I would move on now to blackrock leather N rich to combat dryness however if color loss or dulling or yellowing is the problem perhaps you should try some Tarrago white cream polish (it will help condition )and brighten up the white color.
    As to LV Vernis, are you speaking of the patent leather?
  11. Standing by....
  12. Thanks!

    I'm at work and have class tonight, so I'll treat it again tonight and tomorrow (might wait a day or so for pics). The leather seems quite strong, and not like dry rot, but I didn't really look for that before and will now. For under $20, this was in part a learning exercise for me (just what can I bring back from the dead?).

    I will add that after 3 coats Blackrocks and so far 2 of Obenaufs there has been a HUGE improvement on the body and strap - the front and back of the case gleam, and all those oils are soaking right in. Let's hope they are soaking into ALL of it.
  13. Sounds good:smile:, Make sure you are removing excess after every treatment..or instead of conditioning you will have yucky build up instead...leather can only absorb so much conditioner at a is important to let the leather "rest" in between applications. :smile:
    Have a great day.Cheers,doc
  14. Hello Docride,

    :biggrin:Just to let you know, the Lizard bag came out just fine. I've since gotten an Ostrich and a Croc bag. The latest one, the Croc, had me a bit scared because after cleaning the bag, the softened skin showed some tears. Nothing outstanding but I know it's there. It's gotten 2 cleaning treatments and is resting now. :thinking:Wanted to ask you about using neatsfoot oil or beeswax on the bag(s). I read that it's a good idea for exotic. What are your thoughts?
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