Hermes Via Bellagio

  1. Well, even though I am on vacation, this morning things are slow so I decided to give an update on the Las Vegas store and describe my experience.

    First, I must say that my experience fell somewhere between that of baggaholic and joanna. Pretty much they ignored everyone who entered the store. When I got in there, one SA was showing a lady a beautiful white kelly. It looked to be about a 32. Apparently she didn't want it because it then went into a glass case and was still there late last night.

    Anyway, I entered the store at the same time as a lady who was carrying a gorgeous fuschia kelly like the ones some of the PF ladies have. She seemed to have trouble getting help as much as I did. But in the meantime, I noticed that some of the SA's were giving my birkin a funny look. The look I give knockoff bags that I see of a certain designer (who shall remain nameless) who uses monogram canvas .My friend that I was with noticed it too. It was like they were trying to judge the authenticity of the bag. Quite funny. I gave them ample time to do this as I perused the shelves.
    Finally I had to track down a SA to help me. She seemed irritated at being asked to actually do her job.

    I was sorely disappointed with the selection. They had a few garden parties in brown, black, and rouge. The prices were much higher than the prices of the SAME bags in the Atlanta store. Turn off.

    They had a small selection of scarves and the twillys were almost nonexistent. They had about five. Or at least that is how many they had in the tray when they showed them to me. They had a bolide in blue jean that may have been done in togo. They had a brown evelyne. They had the white kelly I previously mentioned. They had a bolide that was vibrato and looked to be cyclamen perhaps. They had a beautiful fuschia croc wallet with an clasp in diamonds that was $12,000.00. She told me this as if to say that she figured I could not afford it. lol :rolleyes:

    The selection of agendas was also pretty small. I saw some really nice towels and some nice bags called Cannes, good for days at the beach. Pf course there were no birkins on hand while I was in there.

    Then when I tried to buy my twilly, the SA said my card was declined in a snotty tone. I was pissed at this point because of her attitude and because I knew she wasn't entering the information correctly. Whern I told her she was doing it wrong she just insisted that she wasn't. I had to go get cash, using the SAME card that was declined. Turns out that it was just what I said after all...she didn't know what she was doing. :mad:

    On a good note, the cities for my birkin arrived from Atlanta. Phew. I was worried that they would forget to send it.
  2. I'm so sorry that you did not have a good experience. I'm starting to think with all this bad service going on H should be notified. It is awful that you were treated poorly when part of luxury store shopping should be the experience of being treated fabulously! Or at the very least they should be civil. Darn! :rant:
    BTW were the Garden Parties in canvas or leather? I would love to see one in rouge. I've only seen the brown in person so far. :love:
  3. Wow,.. I'm sorry your having a rough tim there with them. I don't know whats wrong with them,.. your the second person that was unhappy with the service there. I am without words. They can't treat people this way!!!!

    I actually talked to Ronnie Taylor a few days ago because I told her I was looking for a white bolide and if she saw one call me faster than the wind blows, she called me back because a orang one had come in but like I said I want white. I still think she's very very sweet. At least she treats me this way. I am very bummed that this goes on.

    Well, keep going back, and hopefully they will get used to seeing you around. Good luck!
  4. I am so sorry you had this bad experience. Bad service seems to be the norm. Only a few people have been lucky enough to receive good service. I don't know if you read my thread "You have to hear this story" ..... it was about the great service my DH receive at the Las Vegas Hermes store the other day and he was only there to do an exchange. He raved about how nice the staff was and how accomodating they were. Go figure.
  5. Wow. That is so rude!! I hate SAs that think their job is to stand and judge your worth.
  6. Thanks ladies for your supportive words. I will keep going back baggaholic. And kat, I did read your thread. Amazing the service your DH got.

    The garden parties were in canvas mostly, but they had two black ones in leather that were very nice. The rouge was in canvas.
  7. I am sorry about your trip. I am definitely not going to shop there when I visit, especially if I can get the same bag at home for less and with friendly service. (I love my Hermes store.) I am interested in the rouge garden party too, if it was leather, I may have to see about getting one of those.
  8. Oh, Man....I really think the manager of that store needs to know how his SA's are coming across to serious Hermes shoppers. I just can't imagine service like this! I can let a little snooty-ness go by (barely) but not rudeness...I wonder if a phone call to the manager would do anything...
  9. I agree...word of mouth is the most important advertising and now I'm nervous to go there.:rant:
  10. I think everyone should write a book about the treatment from the Hermes SAs!!! That's just wrong -- maybe some should ask to speak to managers or write to the stores after poor service -
  11. I agree - I'd place a phone call or write a letter to the manager about how you and a few of your friends have been treated at this particular H. It's just uncalled for!!
  12. What more can be said? I am so against this type of treatment. Management...poor management and nothing is ever done about it.
  13. I think whenever one of us enters a Hermes store, we need to at least let the SAs know there is a forum (7700+ members strong) where we talk about the Hermes experience around the world. Since we all know each other, we hear about individual SAs and how wonderfully attentive they are. That might get their attention.

  14. Yes...maybe we should start a thread about SAs good/bad/indifferent, copy it and send it to Corporate.
  15. lh - great idea!!!