Hermes Vespa pouch... Anyone have one?

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  1. I have searched the forum, YouTube, and Google to no avail! I would like to know what fits inside this little tiny thing. I have seen comments that people put their phone it but they were from years ago, wondering if I can fit my current iPhone it it/ maybe a couple other small things. I can fit my daily essentials in an LV mini pochette, wondering if I could fit them in this pouch. Pictures would be great!
  2. Hi StopHammertime - I just saw a listing in Therealreal but I could not attach the link. There are pictures which I hope will give you an idea. Cheers!
  3. Hi ladies, I'd like to get your opinion on the vespa bags. I was able to get the clemence brown one and then the Togo rouge one became available as well. Need to decide which one I should keep.