hermes vert anis croc

  1. was walking along collins street in melbourne when i caught a glimpse of a birkin. went in and lo and behold, a vert anis croc 35cm in all its glory. if we are not buying a new car i might have taken it away, but alas, hubby says "we'll wait, i am sure they'll pop out again when we go to singapore" to which my female mind responded "when will you men ever learn" so ladies if you have cash to spare right now, visit melbourne and bring home a piece of joy :biggrin:
  2. Hi lady! I'm in Vic too! So, that vert anis croc is still there? Wow, I thought it would've been sold by now. Crocs are hard to come by these days and while I was there a week ago someone came in asking to see the tag/code. They didn't buy it tho but I just imagined it would've been gone by now!
  3. i didnt even bother looking at the tag or code. i just paraded around in it for a bit. saw the 'no no' look from hubby and told my thalassa blue birkin she'll have to wait a bit longer for a new friend. hehehe.
  4. Next time you should go without the DH, lol! Ooh, thalassa blue Birkin! Is yours a 30 or 35, which leather?:lol: And we want pics!

    Did they have anything else interesting in the store yesterday? Anymore Birkings sitting on the shelf?:nuts: Or Kellys? Hey, is the 32 Ebene Kelly still there?
  5. hahaha its a 35cm togo and yeah they had this tiny little chocolate brown kelly in croc as well. dont know the size really. cosi have always been a birkin kind of gal hahaha. where in vic are ya love?
  6. WoW! I would love to see a Vert Anis Croc in real person, lucky !:love:
  7. Oh very nice! Post a pic someday so we can all gawk at your thalassa blue Birkin! There's a section at the top of this forum where members post pics of their items:smile:) I'm in there somewhere with my 30 potiron Birkin.

    Aww, that tiny choc brown croc Kelly's been there for a few weeks now. No one seems to wanna give her a home.

    I'm actually not in Melb or it's suburbs.. I'm in the country about 2hr drive from the City. It's great but the downside is I can't get to the store as much as I'd like, lol! The next time I can go is in about 4week's time! So I tend to call more than usual:smile: What about you?
  8. Star, it was gorgeous!!! From memory, I think it was glazed porosus croc too.:love::love::love:
  9. i am right in melbourne itself about 15 mins from the city. everytime me or hubby or friends pass by hermes i make sure everyone stands there for at least 3 seconds to pay homage. silly but its fun to see the looks on the SA's faces. "the weirdoes are here again" hahaha. poor kelly though like you said. but its too tiny. i am 6'2 and my next goal is 55cm birkin or anything bigger. hahaha a bit over the top but a girl can dream :biggrin: oh, and star if hermes allows us to take pics i would have and make a scrapbook on all the birkins i see :biggrin: that would be fun wouldnt it :smile:
  10. Oh you're so lucky to be so close to the store!!! And you're what? 6'2"? Wow, I would love to be tall like you. I'm almost a whole foot shorter at 5'3", lol!

    Hey Lady, I have go out now for a bit. It's been so nice chatting with you! I'll send you a PM later when I can log back in!
  11. have fun sue :biggrin:
  12. I've seen the swatch for the Vert Anis croc and it's incredible. Would have loved to see it in all its Birkin glory---love the color!
  13. ladyhenshaw,
    When you have a chance, please post pictures of your Thalassa Blue Birkin :flowers: :P . I heard this colour has been discontinued (is this true, ladies?) and I have never seen one IRL :crybaby:

    Oh, you will never ever see a Birkin, let alone a croc, readily available for sale, in the Hermes store in Singapore. Never on the shelves, and not even upon request.
  14. Wow, that must have been stunning!!
  15. i actually saw a grey 45 or 50 in the Hermes store in Takashimaya in Singapore a few years back. it's gorgeous! sightings like that are fun you know, and getting all excited about it with friends. i dont mind posting a pic of the birkin but i took pictures of it and it never shows the true color. i took one in the day and i too one at night and it looks kinda different. and where do i post it anyway? cheerios ladies :biggrin: