Hermes Verlan 30

  1. Apologize for the dark background of the picture, but you can see this is an evercalf tote bag with long handles (can be shouldered on). There is a big pocket with zip outside the bag. It comes in 3 colours, black navy and brown with 3 sizes. The one in the photo is HK$42,100 (approx. US$5,397)

    (Credit: HK Easttouch Magazine - Choco sub-issue Oct 23, 2007)
  2. Haven´t seen that before, thanks for sharing! It looks hand-held to me? Those handles don´t seem that long.
  3. Thanks for posting. Looks like the bag can be carried on shoulder (for those who have slim arms). It's expensive though.
  4. I believe the new style is more unisex :yes: My DH tried Victoria before (he's looking for a travelling H bag) but the straps are too short for shouldering
  5. I saw these bags at Hermes Tokyo Ginza. They're pretty big, and yes the handles are long enough to sling on shoulders. One of the styles has 2 front pockets.

    Available in Brown, Black and Blue (pardon the non-Hermes names for colors). But I must say the blue is very dark, almost navy.

    They look very masculine, but will make a good work bag.
  6. Thanks for posting: love it!!!!
  7. Oooh, I really like this for DH! He is looking for a nice travel piece...

    Thank you for posting it!
  8. LuvBirkin, I love it! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  9. i like it! i adore totes and this one looks like it would be great for work.