Hermes v. eBay

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  1. Any French lawyers on TPF? I'm interested in how the damages claim was calculated...

    HERMES VERSUS EBAY[​IMG]IN A bid to protect its intellectual property rights, luxury fashion house Hermès International is claiming 30,000 Euros in damages from eBay, following the alleged sale of counterfeit products on the infamous auction website.

    The French firm has accused eBay of enabling the sale of fake Hermès merchandise, while also taking a commission, in a claim made at the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Troyes, France, last week.

    The court will deliver its verdict on June 4, WWD reports. (April 9 2008, AM)

    Jessica Bumpus
  2. I'm surprised they asked for so little.
  3. Seriously...
  4. I'm surprised they asked for so little too - although at least they're doing *something*!
  5. Hmmm. I seem to remember there was a similar case between Tiffany & Co. and ebay. I wonder how that was resolved. Will research that and let you all know.

  6. Wonderful! Hopefully the scammers won't read the papers or this forum and get a heads up that they are being watched! It takes time to investigate the sellers.

    I plan to keep reporting the suspect Ebay auctions to Hermes.
    It is amazing how many fakes are spotted in other countries Ebay sites.
    It is not just the US, and Canada.
  7. Beaumonde, thanks for yet another interesting article.
  8. Thank you Beaumonde for that article. Would like to know the outcome as well.
  9. I assume it is about only......

  10. I think Hermes have people who scan ebay on a daily basis.... They are probabely not interested in closing auctions individually... They probabely are observing the market and waitting for the right opportunity to take an action ..... in their own interest...not in the interest of a few buyers who get scammed by fakes ... This is my opinion. Others can be different.
  11. I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if Hermes is watching how the Tiffany's case shakes out before pursuing a case of their own so they can avoid reinventing the wheel. I saw this update on the Tiffany v. eBay case. The judge is trying to decide whether eBay or Tiffany should bear the responsibility for monitoring:
  12. ^ I'm so glad I have a forum to share these articles! I think my friends "in real life" are tired of my handbag chatter!

    I agree with eBay in the Tiffany case but maybe that's because I strongly believe in "Buyer Beware". The anti-counterfeiting initiatives are all good ideas, but I doubt that they are strong deterrants. Not sure what the answer is here...

    I also wonder if having eBay authenticate items would be good or bad from a H reseller's point of view. (Anyone care to weigh in?) More hassle to access the market, but better players in the market?
  13. Beaumonde, thanks for this! I'm glad H is doing something about this.
    Hopefully little by little the H scammers will be run out of town. :smile:
  14. what a ridiculously small amount...I wonder what's going on? any lawyers who can weigh in on this?
  15. ebay's the enabler thats for sure. they let it happen right under their noses then reap the final value fees and paypal fees.