Hermes Twilly

  1. Hello Ladies! I am now on the hunt for a nice twilly. I came accross this one at the Mad store last week but my SA said that they had the same one in another , more 'Fall' color. They were out of these :crybaby: but he is expecting some more in the next month. Have any of you seen this other color (or even bought it!). I would love your opinions and any pics you may have. Thanks:heart:

  2. I bought that same twilly two weeks ago. I haven't been able to wear it, but I love it for my bag and my HAIR!! I think it is more FUNKY, and I'm not a FUNKY this was my way to be FUNKY:nuts: I also like this b/c it has a black background and the psychedelic colors.

    The Neimans I bought it at did not have that many, but my SA said she would call me when new ones came in.

    They'll call you when new ones come in, don't worry....I'm curious about the new fall color one...maybe that is the one w/ the burgandy background.

    The only picture I have of it is on the thread "Here are my only H goodies to share".

    Good Luck!:heart:
  3. I believe crochetbella has an orange one of these. My store in Melbourne has a lime green one and atm, there's a darker (kinda teal) green one on eBay. Dunno what this new "fall" colour is tho.. I'm intriqued too:smile:
  4. The design of the twilly is called 'Tohu Bohu'. The designer is Claudia Stulhofer-Mayer
  5. You ladies are amazing! Thanks you for the info, it's great knowing what it is called (the Hermes site did not have the name). I am very conservative. I dress mainly in black/brown during Fall/Winter. I will be using my black 32 cm Kelly. Do you think this twilly is too funky for me or will it dress up the black. Any other twilly suggestions will also be appreciated.
  6. Personally I think it's fabulous.
    Other twillys I like personally as well are from the Bolduc design (the one with the Hermes ribbon running all over it. It comes in different colour combinations).
    I just received a Cheval Surprise twilly in yellow/orange for my Kelly and I like it very much!
    Not only twillys but also pochettes work very well on Kellys!
  7. I was playing with that same twilly at Neiman's last week. I think it is very versatile, although I'm not real sure it would look good with brown. I know that most Hermes stores carry this along with many others so if you live near by, I would go in and check them out in person.
  8. Do you have any pics of these? As I stood in the Mad store, I just could not make up my mind, just too many lovely twillys/scarves etc to chose from! My chihuahua (Tallulah) was of no help at all! She just kept :drool: at the doggie collars! My hubby was even less useful......
  9. No, you are right, I would only wear the one in the pic it with black. I am wondering, however, if the 'other color' can also be worn with brown....
  10. Here's a pic of the orange! :flowers: I love this twilly. It looks great tied on a brown bag.
  11. another pic
  12. Rose, that twilly is lovely in black! Do they not have it available online? I was looking for a scarf at the Madison store and apparently the only place I can find it now is online.
  13. ^^^^HELLO - Your twilly and pocket square are very Lovely the way you tied everything. Just Beautiful!! I like the first picture where you wrap the twilly around the handle!!
  14. Hi nhLover, I got inspired by a fellow member's pictures for this. I feel very self-conscious of my hands ruining the handle of the bag, so I figured this is a great way to preserve the handle!