Hermes TWILLY ?

  1. hi, i am looking for a twilly bloduc in black or fuschia. are they still available? if so, where can i get them, ie: Neiman Marcus?

    thanks! ;)
  2. Either Neimans or just start calling Hermes boutiques and if they have one, they'll carge-send it to you. :smile:
  3. Shoulder, you will have trouble finding the white/black Bolduc Twilly but I've seen quite a few of the Fuchsia (first version and newer, brighter version) Twillys! The white/black Bolduc Twillys are selling for a great premium on eBay! =O

    Good luck!
  4. The white background with colored stripes Bolducs are harder to find nowadays. Goodluck!
  5. Fuchsia (first version and newer, brighter version) Twillys?

    the first version is all fuchsia with darker?

    and is the newer brighter version with fuchsia, lilac and white on it? thanks!
  6. The NM in vegas had a fuschia last week. I got one, and they had one left.
  7. addicted...did they have anymore colors? i can't call cause they are still closed. thanks so much!
  8. Hi - sorry, they didn't. They had a orange, green and fushia. But the orange had a snag and I didn't get it. I got 3 twillys. Here's a photo:
  9. I love twillys. They are perfect for my hair. I didn't even know NM carried them. I need to check my local NM.
  10. Thanks so much addicted, I purchased the last fuschia twilly!!! I can't wait til it arrives.
  11. Yup, Shoulder! Congratulations on your new Twilly!
  12. Addicted, I :heart: your Twillies...especially the one with the animals!!! :yes:
  13. Thanks, OTINGOCNI!!!

    i can't wait til i get it...

    also, are they not making that design anymore? thanks!
  14. Oh I NEED that fuchsia one~~~ Do you have the SKU# or something like that? I gotta ask my SA about it.
  15. Kou, are you still looking? I saw quite a few at Neimans Palo Alto today.. they had the fuchsia, a lilac, and 1 other one (the color escapes me right now).