HERMES Twilly Scarf Bolduc

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  1. :smile: Hi everybody
    Does anyone have A Twilly Bolduc scarf to sell to me?????? It is impossible to find :sad:
  2. Neiman Marcus in San Francisco had one or two in black/orange last time I checked.:flowers:
  3. Robert, first of all, welcome to tPF!

    Just a friendly reminder tho that selling, trading, buying is not permitted on these forums.

    Whereabouts are you? I think some ppl did mention that some Neiman Marcus might still carry bolduc twillys? If all else fails, there's eBay but the prices are usually quite marked up for bolducs.

    ETA: Oh hey H, lol! I knew Neiman Marcus would still have a couple. Good, I wasn't imagining things.:roflmfao:
  4. :yes: I actually returned mine because I don't wear a lot of black and don't have a black H bag so I just couldn't figure out what to wear it with. :shrugs: I need the brown/orange one. :love: But they had two of the black/orange. :yes:
  5. Oh sorry...i'm new and ITALIAN so I don't really understand everything here! Sorry Sorry sorry! :sad:((
    Here in Italy none has it...!!! San Francisco is too far for me :-P i wish i could have an american friend who could buy for me and send it to me :sad:
  6. I would love the black and orange one....also the white - black and the fushia - pink
  7. That's ok:smile:) Wow, you're from Italy? I think there are a few members here from there, Duna is one, I believe:smile: You will love it here in this forum.:smile:

    Ooh, you have good taste. The black/white twilly would be sensational! I think the brown/orange that crochetbella wants is a real classic! I really hope Hermes re-issues the bolduc design again.
  8. Me too! :yes: I love the black/white and black/orange but I just don't wear black a lot.

    Roberta - welcome! Glad to have you here! :yahoo:
  9. Oops, sorry I called you Robert in my first post. I should've realised it was more likely Roberta, lol!
  10. I just bought it (the white - black) on ebay for $266....i know..i'm crazy, but when i want something i can't wait!!!!!!!! I just love love love it!!! :smile:))
    Anyway i'm reading this forum since 3 months ago..u are great :yahoo:
  11. WOOOHOOOO!!! Congratulations, Roberta! Are you going to be wearing it on your hair or wrists or is it for your bags?
  12. No problem Serenity! :smile: Nice to meet you everybody! :heart:
    I live in Venice! I'm 22 years old (sooo young) and my name is Roberta!
    Ps: I apologize for my english...i need to practice it more! I used to talk it way better than now!!
  13. Your English is fine! It's great to have u here! Ooh Venice, how beautiful!
  14. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: Don't worry, your English is great!
  15. I have the black/white.
    It looks great on my black bag.