Hermes "Twenty"?

  1. I just visited the local H store.

    I saw a few interesting items - Bolides of many different colors. A Raisin Ostrich Sellier Kelly 20cm with PHW. And then the Orange/Poitiron (?) "Twenty."

    I've seen this style in a re-seller in box calf, so can't be recent? Can it be re-introduced recently at least? I just checked the TPF Hermes reference pages and couldn't find any photos.

    The shape is like a round Bombay - the SA didn't know what it was called. She pulled the tag out and it said "Twenty." Does anyone own this or know much about this style?
  2. a 20 cm kelly? :nuts: do you mind telling me which store? i'm grailing for a mini in a pretty color.
  3. yes there is a bag namede twenty it is still in production but rarely sorry do not no much more about it .
  4. Raisin ostrich? I bet it was TDF!!!!!!!
  5. It was at the Hong Kong Central store.

    The mini WAS TDF!!!! Beautiful.

    Hope a lady who will love her will get it! :tup:

    Thanks lilac!
  6. Yup, there is a bag called Twenty. In fact, I am looking for one. My SA told me that she has not seen this bag for a long long time.

    I'm surprised that it is available again. I should call the store up today!
  7. Sounds gorgeous!
  8. Can't wait to see a picture of the "twenty" I :drool: over the lindy the first time i saw a picture!!
  9. ^
    Thanks!:tup: I could not find it by myself apparantly. :upsidedown:
  10. LOVELY bag! Thanks for the info HG!!!!
  11. Heart palpitations at the words "raisin ostrich"!!!!!!
  12. ^ Cute bag. It definitely resembles the Paris-Bombay.