Hermes Tutti Frutti 2016

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  1. Hi!! Anyone have any Tutti Frutti pieces they would like to share?? Dying to see actual pics especially modeling ones! Any information as to price, dimensions, etc, are also useful!

  2. Some pics I found online:

  3. On a 35 Birkin. I love mine. Usually put some quarters and $20 for emergency money.... But it won't fit a credit card just FYI!

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  4. OMG that's gorgeous xiaoxiao!! Thank you so much for the pic and letting me know what fits!! Do you know what the leather is made of?
  5. So adorable!
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  6. I told my SA I wanted one a month ago and she finally received them when I was out of town earlier this week. I'm gonna go pick up mine tomorrow. Getting the lemon charm / coin purse.
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  7. I was shown these a couple of months ago. The Orange is a wallet, the other is a Clutch.

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  8. The coin purses/ charms. The Orange and Strawberry came home with me.

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  9. My Orange charm in action! image.jpeg image.jpeg
  10. Thank you dear!
  11. Thank you so much, that's my Gucci Net-A-Porter tie front blouse. Wish it was a shawl, ;))
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  12. The charms are made in Chevre, with the strawberry in Ostrich. The wallet is made of Swift, and the fruit in Chevre. :smile:
  13. Good to mix brands, phew wondered if I missed a design