Hermes Trunk Show in Houston

  1. Hi everyone,

    I enjoy this forum so much and I'm constantly refreshing my computer during work just to see if anything new pops up out of here:love:

    Now I need advice from you all. My SA in Houston told me that there's going to be a trunk show in the Hermes there June 1st and 2nd and invited me to go. Of course I said yes. But now I'm a little hesitating.... reason being, I just got a gold birkin and last time I went to Houston I got a 28 rigid fuchia kelly in chevre. I know I'm telling myself and DH that we're just going over there to "look" at the truck show(which is for cloths and shoes) we're not going to get anymore bags for now... but, but, if I get offer something great and I had to walk away, would I just feel awful after? should I even go and tempt myself????
  2. Go, have fun, and if buy something if you love it. Then, if you change your mind, sell it to one of the girls here!! he he he!
  3. Yeah, that's true too.. Maybe I should check the who's waiting for what thread and see what everyone wants.. just in case. Last time I was there I was offered a 30 birkin in Noisett (sp?) It was too close to my gold birkin I thought and declined it... who knows what they have this time.
  4. More importantly, just go to have some fun! And think of it as an art showing! You can look, but you can't touch! :P :lol:
  5. Oh yes - please do go so you can report back to us. And I think it's a great idea to get something and sell to us if you don't want it! ha ha!
  6. If it is not out of your way do go and have some fun. Your dream bag may be there and you will miss it. You never know!

    Do you think you can pm me a nice clear pic of your new 26 fuschia chevre? I am dying to salivate over that baby!!! If you can.
  7. I'm with ya on that one, Addicted! And Whispa? If that bag should happen to be...oh, I don't know...a 28cm black kelly with Pal h/w then I say BUY IT! And ship that baby right off to me!:rolleyes:
  8. haha.. you guys are so much fun. I'll see what they have for sure! Thanks for all your advices :smile:
  9. Hi kellybag, just pmed to you ;)
  10. I also vote that you should go! It will be fun just to experience it and tell us all the details later!
  11. That sounds like so much fun Whispa! As for your dilemma, I guess it depends on what you can afford and if you will regret not getting what is shown to you. I think you should go and have a good time though :biggrin:

    Pls report back because we would love to hear what they have in stock.