Hermes trolleys and suitcases...anyone?

  1. A couple of months ago, I've read from the papers that Hermes is going to come up with trolleys.:nuts:

    Now they r here, the Faubourg Express!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Well, they might not be in the stores right now,
    cuz they r from the fall/winter 07 collection.
    They r made in collaboration with Globe-Trotter.
    Comes in 3 sizes, prices range at approx. USD$3355 to 5945.

    pic & news source (in chinese): The Apple Daily

    This will surely gonna jack up the price of globe-trotter trolleys.
    I am still thinking of getting another trolley from them.
    Anywayz, now that I am happy to see that u ladies have another option to store your beautiful H bags on board of a plane, instead of pushing them under the seat.:graucho:
    EN13_003.jpg EN13_006.jpg
  2. Those suitcases are so sweet. I saw them in vogue and fell in love. I really want a black one!!
  3. They are gorgeous!!! Compared to the H handbags, they are priced rather reasonably (actually cheap?!)

    Although I am willing to spend obscene amounts on purses and handbags, I don't have the same philosophy for luggage. So, I will remain just an admirer of these bags.
  4. I whole-:heart:-edly agree.
    Luggage gets so beat up and thrashed that it's just best to use inexpensive/durable.
  5. OMG!!!!:heart: :drool: :tup:
  6. I wonder what the dimensions of the small trolley is. If it's small enough to fit in the overhead bin or below the seat, it might be an option. Otherwise, I'll just be an admirer as luggage gets beat up so much ... unless you're travelling on your private jet!
  7. Thanks for sharing this eye candy!!!
  8. I can't really tell,
    are these covered in leather or just a plain hardcase?
  9. I would love the smaller one for getaways... a fun weekend trip for something in the car. :heart: But I would never, ever buy a nice checked bag... I've seen beloved bags get dropped, thrown, mangled :wtf: as the guys handle them to enter the plane storage!
  10. The trunks are beautiful! I have to say though, I wouldn´t buy them, I would be too scared to put them into cargo.
  11. I completely agree. If you its the appropriate dimensions to go on the plane with you it would be fabulous. It is sad we have to be so concerned about checked luggage. I have a bunch of LV luggage and its amazing how they treat our stuff.
  12. me wantey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for posting this!!
  13. The big question I have is how heavy are they? You have to pay a premium now if your luggage exceeds a certain weight. Looks beautiful though! I like it more every time I peek into this thread.
  14. They've lovely, but I don't know, I don't even dare to buy LV ones as they get beat up so much. But one thing good, they are not as recognisable as LV so won't be targeted for theft!
  15. YES!! Def. would not be checking these beauties in!!! ALL overhead for me!