Hermes Trivia


Feb 28, 2006
Have an interesting tidbit about Hermes or an interesting article you'd like to share? Please post it here!

I'd like to share something I read about how the famous orange box came about...


The Hermes box came about in the 1920's.

The first boxes were cream-colored, with a gilded-edging imitating pig-skin; then mustard-colored with brown edging. The Second World War forced the next color change:
During the Occupation, the shortage of all materials forced Hermes to use the only plain paperboard available: It was orange.

After the war, this color was continued, but in a much more vivid shade (as today) with a relief pattern. In 1949, the Bolduc (brown ribbon) was introduced. Before 1996, jewellery
and tableware (porcelain) had different colored boxes: Grey for jewelry and green for tableware. Today, all Hermes objects come in the orange box.
There are about 188 sizes of Hermes orange boxes.
I love that orange! The first time I went to the Hermes boutique in Chicago, I was wearing my orange Prada tote, which had a very similar orange to the Hermes. The SA's complimented me on my bag. :smile:

Is the Potiron color like the Hermes orange box color? If so, gorgeous...
I enjoyed reading about the history of the H orange box. Today when I was at the boutique, when my SA handed me my orange box and bag, I gave him a pop surprise quiz. He was clueless.
Orange is one of my favorite colors. Right now it is my FAVORITE color - LOL
Thanks Greentea, I knew the WWII part, but not the info prior to the war. I love history and Hermes history is so interesting to me.