Hermes Trivia

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  1. Have an interesting tidbit about Hermes or an interesting article you'd like to share? Please post it here!

    I'd like to share something I read about how the famous orange box came about...


    The Hermes box came about in the 1920's.

    The first boxes were cream-colored, with a gilded-edging imitating pig-skin; then mustard-colored with brown edging. The Second World War forced the next color change:
    During the Occupation, the shortage of all materials forced Hermes to use the only plain paperboard available: It was orange.

    After the war, this color was continued, but in a much more vivid shade (as today) with a relief pattern. In 1949, the Bolduc (brown ribbon) was introduced. Before 1996, jewellery
    and tableware (porcelain) had different colored boxes: Grey for jewelry and green for tableware. Today, all Hermes objects come in the orange box.
    There are about 188 sizes of Hermes orange boxes.
  2. Loved that tidbit...I have always been a big fan of orange, so it makes the purchase all the more sweeter for me.
  3. I love that orange! The first time I went to the Hermes boutique in Chicago, I was wearing my orange Prada tote, which had a very similar orange to the Hermes. The SA's complimented me on my bag. :smile:

    Is the Potiron color like the Hermes orange box color? If so, gorgeous...
  6. I've always wanted to know how the orange box came to be. Thanks! :heart:
  7. Fascinating info. I think I like my new potiron trim bag even more. Thanks, Greentea.
  8. I don't know why but, for me, part of the fun of an Hermes purchase is getting the orange box. It's nice knowing its origins.
  9. The box is in Hermes Orange (that's the name of the color) whereas Potiron is a shade of orange with a lot more brown in it
  10. Greentea, I know your post is from '06, but thanks for sharing the orange box info. ;)
    I love to know the history of things.
  11. I enjoyed reading about the history of the H orange box. Today when I was at the boutique, when my SA handed me my orange box and bag, I gave him a pop surprise quiz. He was clueless.
  12. carol: oooooh? and what was IN that box ?
  13. Yeah carol, what's in the box.
  14. That's not good - he obviously didn't pay attention at his training sessions!
  15. Orange is one of my favorite colors. Right now it is my FAVORITE color - LOL
    Thanks Greentea, I knew the WWII part, but not the info prior to the war. I love history and Hermes history is so interesting to me.