Hermes Travel notebook

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    Saw this in the latest issue of Australian Vogue Living. "The Hermes Calfskin Notebook with padlock, A$1675, is ideal for recording secret travel addresses"....

    Probably something quite useless to me but for some strange reason, I have a fondness for it... maybe I shall order one in black box so that it becomes my little black book of secret addresses and telephone numbers :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  2. Oooh....I would want one simply as a journal! Thanks for posting!
  3. Beautifully yet simply designed - thanks for showing.
  4. That's gorgeous!
  5. LOL! Love the idea, Archangel's li'l black book. Just make sure they have plenty of room for all your numbers!!!!:graucho::p
  6. Love it!!! :love:

    Wonder if it's available in the States...

    I don't have secret addresses, but perhaps I can put my Hermes wishlist it is rather long...and I should keep it under lock and key from my DH! :graucho:
  7. That's so cute. Depending on the size, I agree that it could make a perfect diary.
  8. I just love anthing with that type of lock mechanism.. It's the most adorable notebook/agenda/cover I've seen from Hermès, I wish they'd make a wallet like this.
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. OMG, I have to have one of these. I am a notebook addict, this is so beautiful.
  11. I think they *did* make a wallet with the turnlock mechanism, actually--or am I nuts? I remember seeing it and loving its looks but being scared that it would tear up the insides of any bag I used it in.
  12. In my dream world I would buy it just to look at it. Judging by the lock (if normal size), I think it's 6 inches long. 1487.83US using conversion
  13. archangel, thanks for sharing! That is so simple and practical. :smile:
  14. Absolutely Magnificent...A Must Have:yes:

  15. Good news Liberte H do make a wallet this Baggs has just bought one. It's gorgeous and roomy enough to use as a clutch if you travel light!