Hermes Toolbox

  1. Apart from the print, I don't see how these bag are less "classic" than many other bags produced by hermes. The company always made bags earlier that have not turned into classics and that aren't around today, some much more outrageous looking than these, so I can't see how these two in particular are signs of the company taking a more "trendy" turn.
  2. I guess to each his own. As has been said, all of Hermes' classics were 'new and trendy' once too. I must say Rubis looks really rich in swift and I love the colour. Although I can't see myself carrying the Toolbox, I was told there is a long waitlist for it already. Good luck for those waiting!
  3. Granted, Hermes does come up with some dogs sometimes, but I like both of these. The toolbox looks very practical (but I wonder how heavy it is), and the print clutch reminds me of my small pucci bag.
  4. Ah, well. This is a Hermes bag too.... I personally think that compared to this one the toolbox is classic beyond measure, but your mileage may vary.

  5. I'm not a fan of the Toolbox but I'd buy it in a heartbeat over the one you posted, Merika!!!

  6. Every time I see this bag, I wonder how much alcohol the designer and head honchos (or whoever calls the shots on new designs) were drinking. Or what they were sniffing.
  7. ^^Agreed!

    I'd like to see the Toolbox being carried, is it available in many other leathers? The Toolbox in the other Hermes in Print thread is also in Swift:

  8. I like the concept of the Toolbox but it looks as though it will be awkward to carry, especially when worn on the strap. I still much prefer the Sac Mallette and its train case design.
  9. Well I showed a pic to SO when I first saw the pics (of the toolbox) and he, not being a fan of the birkin AT ALL (*gasp*) said "Well finally they might start designing something other than a square box. At least it has some interest."

    Mind you, he is a fan of "classic and timeless" in all things, but he said he doesn't think Hermes keeps up with the times at all - that they are stuck in the past. He wants them to start designing something "more interesting."

    He did like the Lindy I had and he thought the Constance was okay and the kelly was "so-so." He didn't like the bolide much either. (*gasp*)

    Disclaimer: I LOVE my birkin and the above represents the opinion of one man and is not reflective of my opinions. :lolots:

  10. For a second I thought I accidentally clicked on the LV f/w runway bags thread what with the classic/trendy debate. Whew.

    I like the Toolbox and the pic that HermesFSH posted intrigues the heck out of me. It's the first one where the Tb doesn't look stiff and uncompromising (i.e., awkward to carry). We'll know soon (hopefully) if I ever get the call to come claim the one Jinjy is waiting for.

    The sik bag is another story. I'm willing to bet it would look a lot nicer with a different pattern, perhaps Bolduc or Brides de Gala. It certainly looks nice in all-leather.

    Then again, I'm not one for playing it safe and sticking to the classics.
  11. I love the look of all 3 bags in this photo! I wouldn't have much use for the itty bitty Constance, but it's cute. (Thanks for posting it HermesFSH!)

  12. Oh...the SO FLASH!!! Thank you for the lovely photo!!!
  13. The photo was from Lutz - I just copied it from the Hermes in Print thread :blush:

    Thanks again Lutz !
  14. I totally agree :tdown:
  15. I think the camera angle might be to blame for the way the Toolbox handles seem to dominate the bag and the way the top of the bag appears to lean backwards. I can't wait to see one in person.

    Off topic: Egglet, I love your avatar!!