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  1. Here's the new Toolbox in Rubis Swift (not for sale as yet) and the new silk bag. Very pretty!

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  2. Love this colour in swift:


    Interesting bag:


    Thanks for posting!
  3. Hermes FSH you are welcome! I started a thread as I didn't really know where to put this. I hope there will be more contributions when the new A/W pieces start to arrive.
  4. That Rubis Swift is a beauty! I wish I had asked for one of those instead of a certain Rubis Togo....
  5. I don't like either of these bags at all!!! I think they look very cheap and trendy - not at all "Hermes".

    It distresses me to see Hermes vering away from their classic, timeless styles - even discontinuing some - and going in this direction.
  6. thanks for posting, A.

    unforch, both of them look odd to me.

    the toolbox's top handles look disproportionately big against its body, and the silk bag looks cheap, yes.
  7. Love them both! Thanks for the pic!
  8. I totally agree. I'm not a fan of either and I don't think either of them look Hermes. Personally, I'll stick to the classics.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics periogirl! :hugs: I've been dying to see more pics of the toolbox!
  10. Thanks for sharing! I think the toolbox looks really interesting!
  11. I am not a fan.
  12. They're not likely to be "keepers" for Hermes, that's for sure, but I still love how Rubis looks in the first pic. I think the toolbox has to have long handles as the opening is at the top and it would be hard to get in and out of otherwise.

    I prefer classic styles too, but glad that there is something more for others rather than Hermes simply offering different colour combinations of existing bags (as with the SO Flash Kelly/SO Black/Éclat range). :smile:;)
  13. I love rubis swift, it's such a gorgeous color!

    As for classic vs trendy, my thought is that 'classic' is always trendy to a certain extent when it is first designed (otherwise where would it find its initial market?) , but has enough popularity and strength of design to be timeless. So one should never dismiss something at first glance as being one thing or another and only time will tell if something is a classic or not.

    I certainly doubt that if Grace Kelly had not carried the Kelly, or Jane Birkin lent her name to the Birkin, plus the fact that these bags then became popular because of marketing/celebrities carrying them they may not have be perceived of as classic and maybe would not even be in production today!
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  14. hmm, not my cup of tea. I like the classics. the simpler the better.
  15. Thank you, periogirl.

    It looks much better in Iris. Putting aside trendy vs classic, after seeing, it's kind of disappointing.


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