Hermes to Launch Skincare & Makeup

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  1. My SA says there is hype that may not live up to all the so called expectations.
    Probably many lookers & perhaps not so many lipstick junkies, IYKWIM....
  2. I so hope the store in Copenhagen will have them when I come at the end of March. I want the orange one and a red one. Don't know if I prefer the rouge H or rouge casque. I am sure I'll get a pink one too but will buy that when our new store opens (provided they carry makeup, which would be strange if they didn't since it is the only in the country and they have a perfect opportunity to plan the space for it since it will be a new store).
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    The balm is recommended for that. It comes in a handy tin. :P (Lip brush not included.)

  4. :roflmfao:
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  5. or swift?? Definitely no ‘exotics’ here.:hrmm:
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  6. velvety as Swift leather. Perfect!
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  7. Value for money too!
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  8. 1 more to help with colour - again from Michelle Wang

    Attached Files:

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  9. The colors are gorgeous! Thanks for posting! :flowers:
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  10. I wonder if someone has to purchase the complete lipstick with the case before they’re entitled to purchase any refills.
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  11. I can’t wait for March to get here soon enough. One pink, one coral, one neutral and one deep red as I have too many Chanel rouge lipsticks already.
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  12. Omg this is awesome thank you for posting!
    I really hope these are going to be online, I won’t be near an H for a few weeks at least :crybaby:
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  13. This makes me very happy - from earlier photos I was afraid that there wasn’t enough variety of colors as I didn’t see one that might work for me. This shows more variety than I had initially thought. I even see one or two that might work for me - woo hoo!! Can’t wait to see them IRL!!
  14. From reports I've heard the release date is 4 March in any case. If you're not after the ltd eds and with rationing I think you should be OK. Even if you're late to the table, the testers will be there and you'll know which you'll want when it restocks.
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