Hermes to Launch Skincare & Makeup

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  1. Think that as more & more infor is forthcoming, many of us will fine tune our thoughts about the
    lipsticks & other lip products (prices etc)
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  2. I believe the perfume will be called “24 Faubourg something something......” (hence 24 shades of lippies). I’ll see my Paris SA in couple of days. Will get as much info as I can get out of her and post here :biggrin:

    I’m also surprised I haven’t seen any lipsticks reviews on YouTube yet from the “beauty influencers” that got invited at the launch party? Could it be H made some kind of agreement with them to not doing any reviews just yet until the launch March 4?
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  3. I just received a response to a request to order a custom lipstick case. LBR "only offers custom lip color" &
    If the "rep" suggested that to you, according to LBR it was a "miscommunication"
    I am happy to forward the response to you should you have any question..
  4. 04.jpg
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  5. “The price of Hermes lips: $68 for any of the 24 shades in the brushed gold tube permanent collection (like Orange Boite, left) and $72 each for the three colors in the limited-edition lineup. Each bullet is refillable at your neighborhood Hermes boutique.”

    “Lips as soft as pebbled leather. Lips that gleam like sunlight leaping off an enamel bangle. Lips that wink like the tiny accent sitting atop Hermès, carved into a creamy bullet. The malletier’s first makeup arrives this month, complete with 27 colors in two finishes (matte and satin). The colors range from soft suede to silky crimson to the vibrant bloom of a Mexican rose, all scented with a sandalwood blend courtesy of in-house perfumer, Christine Nagel. Each is superlatively pleasing to hold and to behold. It is, in a word, Hermès.”
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  6. Info from my SA today:
    she expects there will be some fight for them especially the limited ones
    will be limited to 10 lipsticks/person (probably for the limited edition ones? and also I'm in the US, not sure if this global)
    there are 3 true classic shades - rouge H, rouge casaque, orange ???. these 3 shades will have both satin & matt
    there are 3 limited colors that will come every season, and will have matching fashion accessories in those shades (in other words they are the colors of the season)
    limited color cases are limited too (so maybe you will need to get the limited color to get those cases?)
  7. Wondering if they are limiting the quantity per person so they won't appear on *bay for absurd prices
    But we all know many will circumvent this...
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  8. #368 Feb 14, 2020 at 5:02 PM
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020 at 5:09 PM
    Classic shades are Rouge H (#85) Rouge Casaque (#64), and Orange Boîte (#33). (Orange Box!) ;)

    As mentioned here, there’s 3 LE shades for each season. The bullets/case for the LE lipsticks are the different colored ones. As they’re refillable, one can replace them with other shades over time. HTH.
  9. D'oh :smile: thank you (as always) Meta!

    I am not an orange lipstick person and only do reds occasionally but somehow Hermes is making me wanting to at least try these (some magic this brand has over me!)

    SA also promised me that the matt ones will be very comfortable to wear...which is my number one concern for matt lipsticks.
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  10. Several years back, Hermes introduced a lipstick Rouge H
    I was not a wearer of red lipsticks per se, but this shade, texture, & finish was very luxurious on the lips
    & convinced me that red could be chic & classic.
    If you can swing by H when the lipsticks are introduced, there are several red shades that were provided
    by Meta, that one or two should sing to your heart or rather your "lips"
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  11. “Lips as soft as pebbled leather." ???? :confused1: ???
  12. Togo doesn’t rev your engines? :lol::coolio:
  13. I wonder if the stores that don’t carry the makeup line (even if it’s just a temporary thing for the initial launch) will be able to charge-send these from stores that do carry them? Might be the way I have to go.
  14. Yes I believe so - my store won't carry it but my SA told me she can order for me. She did warn me that she expects there will be some high demands (at least at launch) but she will try her best.
  15. I'd prefer 'lips as smooth as Box leather' :biggrin: