Hermes to Launch Skincare & Makeup

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  1. Just repeating an offer made to me at Harrods by rep from LBR on her way back to France. I don't have any other info only the offer. Their colour chart for cases you could have made (at a price) was HUGE and one very close to H Bamboo.

    That's great that you have Pic. I'm wondering if H have thought about how to transport the lip brush or whether it will fit into one of the new cases.
  2. Thanks for this info.
    I am going to contact LBR & see if they will honor the offer that was made at Harrod's.
    There are some very special colors that I would enjoy having as a lipstick case
    I have learned over the years it is worth paying a price to have what one wants & be satisfied & suppose
    that is the reason why many of us are H lovers..
    I would also consider carrying the lip pencil/brush in one of the orange pouches or silk cases that I
    have items made up from silk squares I am no longer using
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  3. The lip brush was on my list too (I always carry one with me together with a lipstick in the smallest Longchamp pouch), but it looks to me like the H brush is not retractable and it being so long it’s really inconvenient. I’m a minimalist when it comes to the content of my bag and carry around as little as possible! A long brush that I would also feel awkward to use in public is not really an option for me. Even wonder if it has some sort of cap, have yet to see a pic of it at least. It has to right? Very inconvenient when you actually start using it and there is lipstick all over it. :sweatdrop:
    The way I’ve seen the lip pencil and brush presented they would not fit in either of the two new leather cases. Perhaps like the lipsticks they will come with their own canvas pouches when purchased?
    But H not considering this would actually surprise me, as I consider them very good at not only designing beautiful but also useful products. So hope I’m wrong on all of it! Hope they have travel-sizes for both. Otherwise we will have to give them feedback to get this fixed by the next September round. ;)

    In need of more intel! :sos:
    Also haven’t been able to find pricing intel on the leather cases and mirror. If someone has it, please share. :flowers:
  4. This may be silly, but I wonder how the lipstick refills will be packaged.
  5. I reached out to an influencer who was given samples of the lip products and it is confirmed that the LE Totem are indeed refillable as well. :tup: :tup: :wlae: ;)
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  6. Makeup officially launches 4th March in U.K. And very excited that 2 days before that, they are also launching a new perfume! :happydance:
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  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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  8. Yay!!! Love H perfumes! Can you tell a bit more, perhaps in the fragrance thread? Anything you can share is welcome. :flowers:
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  9. I’m super excited! Curious about the fragrance as well.
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  10. My SA refuses to tell me. He likes to keep it a surprise (I’m so annoyed!) and I will certainly post once I get any further info. :heart: Too bad I can’t go and tickle him into telling me. I didn’t post in the fragrance thread as there isn’t really anything much I can say right now. :angel:
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  11. Aarrrgghhh! :hysteric: :lol: Okay, I understand. Will have to go bug my own SA then, haven’t been able to find anything online on a new perfume yet. Thanks so much for the heads up anyway. :heart:
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  12. I know right, that’s the weird thing. I normally read press releases or perfume blogs with early news but I had no idea about this.
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  13. I saw on Fragrantica that there is a new Terre d’Hermes fragrance for men coming out. It’s a Jean-Claude Ellena.
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  14. Maybe that’s it?
  15. I thought he retired from Hermes? :heart: Wow!
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