Hermes to Launch Skincare & Makeup

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  2. I'm eager to see their packaging that will be plastic free as I'm becoming even more eco-conscious. Also, call me skeptical, but H has the tendency to discontinue products/items so it'll remain to be seen how long this venture into the brutal business of beauty will last. :P
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  3. Don't know about skincare, but makeup I understand. Hermes scarves are known for their beautiful colors, and it would be nice to offer ranges of colors that would match their core colors.
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  4. That would be an interesting way to market it.
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  5. Not any particular way to marketing, but rather to control the imaginary they want for their brand. Just guessing.
  6. Not an obvious (to me) extension of the brand or core competencies of Hermès. I expect some amazing collaborations though!
  7. Reading my mind on both points. They say it'll be plastic-free. I hope this means beautiful, refillable glass jars with sterling silver lids and leather cases...

    There are already so many options at the high-end, it'll be interesting to see where H run with this, and also who they'll partner with for the making

    As for Analyst Luca Solca's statement "Hermès in particular is seeing that its other affordable products, i.e. silk, are under pressure because consumers are wearing fewer ties and silk scarves. And so, why not?" is sheer guesswork. H silks are up (mostly down to my inability to choose between cws recently :P )
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  8. They dabbled in makeup some time ago with “Rouge Hermes” lipsticks, they were beautifully packaged and the color was well-pigmented. Unfortunately that shade of red looked terrible on me. A shame. I’m looking forward to more colors.
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  9. We all joke how we’d like to age like Hermes leathers...
    Perhaps the skincare line will work that magic!!!
  10. Time for the artisans to spa us haha
  11. I can imagine what they'll say about me "I fear Madame will need to be sent to Paris and it could take months"
  12. Well, they've done fragrances forever. They might model the effort like Chanel does in their boutiques, a separate area for make-up and dedicated SAs for the make up. I don't think an Hermes SA wants to be tied up selling an eyeshadow when (s)he could be selling much more $$$ goods. Then, like Chanel and Tom Ford, those lines become available in some department stores like Neiman's and Saks. I wonder how Gucci cosmetics are doing.
  13. I spend plenty of money on skin and makeup right now. Why not Hermes everything? :smile:

    I am picturing beauty/makeup Youtubers trying to pronounce Hermes and their shopping hauls at Hermes boutiques. Oh no maybe this is a bad idea!
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  14. They're about to relaunch

    It's hard enough to get served at the fragrance/bath counter now at H. My guess is it'll only be the bigger stores anyway and then they will have to decamp to dept stores in future to get the volume.