Hermes ties for men

  1. I've been looking to buy one for a good friend (I'm anticipating that he's getting hired by a very good firm he's interviewing for, hope I don't jinx it!). Unfortunately, I don't see a very good selection online. I think his friends would look askance if he wore a tie with the motif of a man riding a little dolphin on it, or a bunny. Maybe when he's the CEO he can wear whimsical ties but until then... Also, none of the more sedate designs struck me either, a lot of the patterns seemed too busy.

    Is there a much wider selection in the boutiques or is this about it? And is this pretty representative of Hermes ties?

    I guess I'm a real American, I can't get used to anything that's not club stripes.

    Thanks! :amuse:

  2. Hermès has solid color ties, stripes, etc.

    I just recently bought a tie for my DH. It has stripes in different colors, but the main color was taupe.
  3. Certainly animal designs have a large share in Hermès ties, but there are a lot of geometrical patterns aswell , which might be more sober and appropriate. I haven't checked them on the H website, but there are dozens of different patterns and colors in the stores; I'm sure there is much more choice..:flowers:
  4. I think there should be more in-store, although I haven't really looked at the tie selection online in a while. When I saw the subject I was like, DUDE - that girl is NOT telling me something hahaha. Congrats to your friend!
  5. They have a really wide selection in the stores. BTW that beaver is too cute! :heart: :biggrin: My DH has one with bunnies on it! :smile:
  6. Ooh...or get him a Brioni one. ;)
  7. Hmm, do I like him that much? :shame:
  8. I like some of Hermes ties, but I second Brioni. :yes:
  9. HA! You do like him...fess up now! :graucho: I got so excited, I just dropped my cookies on the floor haha. :rant:
  10. The Palm Beach store had a huge selection.

    If I were a man I'd be wearing the ties!!!!
  11. they have wide selection of ties in the boutiques,
    but personally, what i love about hermes ties r their collection of cute patterns :P.. my dad's 50y.o, n his fave tie is the one w man riding horse, quite similar w the dolphin but in darker color.
  12. I don't know what he does for a living, or where you live, but in NYC Hermes ties are de rigueur for the working man. I worked in finance before leaving to be a SAHM, and Hermes and Ferragamo ties are basically the uniform, from analyst to the COTB. The patterns are so small you can hardly see what they are from across the conference table, anyway, and the colors are pretty sedate. But they do have "plain" ties in the stores, including rep stripes.
  13. This seems like as good a place as any to ask my question--does anyone know the going price for used Hermes ties? My DH recently retired and is thinking he doesn't need so many ties. And I'm thinking if we sell them, maybe we can afford to replace them with something else Hermes. :devil:
  14. I was just in the Chicago boutique to meet my new SA Caroline and they had quite a large selection, from solid colors to the animal patterns (giraffes, horses)
  15. They are around $145 to $155 US. :biggrin: I want to get one for my DH. He might be getting a new job/promotion where he will be going back to wearing ties every day. :graucho: