Hermes three red colour ostrich...


Sep 11, 2007
Hi everyone...hope you well..
just back from Milan and my adorable S.A. after he got me a beautiful raisin 35 birkin and three
amazing croco belts , etrusk (sorry i'dont know how to write this ...) ,
and rouge H....
He called me today and asked me if I want something really special....''ohhh yeesss''
a three colour 35 cm ostrich birkin....:yahoo:
the colours....
little surprise.....:confused1: rouge H / ROUGE VIF / TANGERINE...
I guess very christmas... not very sure but I did not have the courage to say NOOOOO
now I feel very guilty because i'm getting in this black mail thing ....:cursing:
where I 'm not so brave to say ''no no no ''just because is Hermes....
may be it's a great combination but ....please any one know any things about those colours?


Yes, it's a Manbag.
Jul 25, 2007
Dosen't sound to nice to me, someone had a dove grey, graphite and something else ostrich birkin, and that was yum :smile:
I wouldn't get it simply because of wearability-issues, I mean, how likely is that to go with an outfit (i'm a guy, and I doubt you wear bright reds often, and I think 3 shades are just a bit too overwhelming)
But, go have a look at it, if it makes you feel all happy for no reason, go for it :smile:


Jul 7, 2006
Rouge H is a nice dark burgundy, so if the majority of the bag is in Rouge H, you're probably fine. I have a feeling the tangerine will the the straps, and rouge vif the flap, maybe? I can't say I like it the combination, though. I was offered a bolide in rouge vif ostrich, and I thought that was a bit too fire-engine red for my taste.


Mar 2, 2007
Like Roxane says, it really depends on the configuration of the bag; it might come off as SUPER BRIGHT or actually quite subtle, depending on which colors are dominant. The one thing to remember is that on ostrich all the colors will be a touch more muted, so tangerine might end up looking slightly more like potiron, rouge h will be a dusty burgundy, and rouge vif will be less brilliant than in regular leathers.
I say it's worth taking a peek at, and I would be really quite interested in seeing a photo of this bag, if you do in fact acquire it.


Butterfly Wrangler
Oct 20, 2006
OH Angel!!!!

will you be able to see pictures? Or can you get him to tell you exactly which parts are which colors?

What worries me is that you dont feel like you can say no!! You can always say no!! Just say, "thank you for your kind offer, but I am going to enjoy the bags I have for now. Lets talk again in January!!"

Unless you really want this bag....then of course, you must say yes...


Sep 2, 2006
I feel kind of cautious hearing tangerine and rouge vif because to me they are quite bright. Rouge H is more muted and a bit on the darker burgundy side. You definitely need to see a picture of the bag before you make the decision. Depending which parts are which color can make or break the deal. Would love to see the photo if you get it.;)
Jun 27, 2006
i have a 30cm tricolor ostrich birkin.....rouge vif, vert anis, orange. and yes, it is quite cheerful and bright! LOL rouge H is definitely a deeper red but is it on the straps or on the panels of the bag? that can make a huge difference bright-wise.


Aug 30, 2007
I will go to my grave and never understand why on earth anyone would buy a bag they were offered if they did not want/like it.

I love Hermes - I love the leathers/colors/quality - but somehow the retailer/customer relationship has been turned upside down. I just don't "get it"....