Hermes - the brand that binds?

  1. I've noticed a lot of women on here who've met on the board and hit it off over their love of Hermes :heart:

    BUT, on the other hand, have you lost them IRL? Has Hermes brought you closer, or further apart from the friends you already have?

    I'm getting excited over my Bday bag and I pretty much only vocalize it here. I'd love to hear other's experience with Hermes and their friendships (Or relationships!!) I have found very very few in my day to day life I can talk to about it! Or even understand, really. Is it just me or universal?
  2. Interesting question, Angelfish...I think I've seen some variation of it posted before, but am not sure...
    I can only really talk about H stuff here. Or with DH. That's just the way it is. None of my friends understand. When I do talk about this "hobby" of mine with 1-2 friends, I get a vague feeling of guilt or embarrassment, probably just self-induced, but still...I am uncomfortable, so I try to avoid the topic of my H bags if at all possible. It's my thing and I have gotten used to this sort of solitary pursuit.
  3. My Kellys and Birkins stay in the closet when I meet most of my friends. These bags create unnecessary tension, even with different groups of friends, mine or my husband's. There is a major disconnect there in that, they approve of spending money on nice houses, nice cars and exotic holidays. But just not on H bags. And I don't intend to try convince them. It created alot of discomfort once, which I'd posted here before, and it took me a few meet-ups after that to ease the strain, and now I know better not to show up with a Kelly or Birkin with some of these old friends.
  4. Ooh, Sparkles...I'm sorry the people you mentioned feel that way.

    I don't talk about my handbags anywhere but here really in detail. Nobody understands. They just think I'm a materialistic fashion freak, but I know the truth. I see them as daily essentials, objects d'art, investments, and items that simply make me happy to see them and know that I chose each and every one, and I'll want to use them forever!:heart:
  5. Like with Pepper, I can talk about H stuff here only here. It's the only place where people understand when I love this brand without thinking I'm being frivolous or an wasting money. Most of my friends don't know the brand (I prefer it that way). My husband's friend's wife who knows the brand had admired my Kelly and she knows how much it cost. I made light of it and said I always wanted a Kelly bag, the one that Grace Kelly made famous. She doesn't know I have other H bags. I'm not sure what she'll think if she knew and I dread the day she finds out.
  6. Thats kind of how I feel.

    I'd love my friends to get into it with me, but only a few of my fabulous gay friends (2 are BFFs) would squeel, hold it, and compliment me all night! Course, they're useless to actually talk about H with them, it'd be 5 minutes of letting me talk about which one, then one line from them "So get it, girl!" LoL

    Was kind of wondering if maybe I just live in the wrong area though :wlae:
  7. You couldn't live in a more Hermes-lacking area than me! LOL!!!! Birkinstocks and anything with fringe rule the day in my neck of the woods......

    I have to say I've made some wonderful friends from being on tPF....some are cyber but some I've met IRL and call them true friends!!!! Only here am I able to talk Hermes....otherwise I'm firmly in the closet!!!
  8. Being on tpf made up my mind to get a hermes when i seen all yous ladies stunning birkins & kellys!
    With it coming up tp my 25th birthday i made the choice that i am going to get a birkin really because i just love it & i have for many years - my friends new i was a handbag freak & could never understand why i would choose to spend so much on a purse, well they have just found out that am getting a birkin(fingers crossed) & to be honest am getting hassle from them - why? whats the big deal with hermes? am i trying to be something am not?

    So to be honest i have found out early that the only place i can talk about my hermes love is here & am so happy that i have found like minded women who i can discuss my love with these beautiful creations!

    Am so sorry if i've rambled on - i think i vented abit too...
  9. If I were to loose a "friend" over Hermes, what have I lost?

    The board members here are so nice. I cannot imagine that the way we spend our money would be an issue with friends or family.
  10. I'm the same as Pepper, I get uncomfortable discussing Hermes and also other extravagant shopping around my friends and family, well especially my family. I still use my bags around them etc., I just mumble and look the other way when I get questions regarding prices.
  11. LoL Envisioning SM huddled in the closet, firmly clutching her bags.... :sneaky:
  12. well one of my friends recently joined tpf. she's the only one i would ever be able to talk to about this stuff. all my other friends would think i was crazy. i don't think it brought us closer per se but now i understand what she was talking about for so long. and she never held my recent obsession with lv against me either. lol. my mom is starting to get into it too which is great. i still can't tell her everything but it's nice to be able to share it with her.
  13. My IRL friends know I have a purse issue lol! However they are not in the know on the brands for the most part. HOwever...that said...I did have the great fortune to meet a fellow pf gal IRL and boy do WE have fun lol! So it did bring us together and for the first time for both of us, we can talk and talk purses and shop and look and an amazing way. The first time we were in Boston shopping together and we both commented quietly...that we could never feel comfortable with other friends walking through the stores and openly discussing prices of the bags we love, etc., and how it was a little unusual for both of us. We've definitely gotten used to that lol!! I will always keep my friends I've had for years, but it is wonderful to meet new friends who share this passion that has truly grown the older I get!
  14. I find that my girlfriends are supportive, regardless of whether they themselves would choose to spend the $$$ on an H bag. But they do tend to be professionals who can afford H, but simply have other bags or other items they prefer to spend their money on.

    On the other hand, my in-laws would certainly pass out if they knew how much I'd willingly spend on H, or on shoes and jewelry for that matter. I always change the subject when my MIL comments on my accessories because I always feel that she is trying to impose her values on me--which is largely what *anyone* is doing when they say something like "oh, I can't believe you spent $X on a bag".
  15. I don't talk prices with friends or family and most of my friends/family don't know what Hermes is. The people in my area are not flashy. My mom loves handbags though and tries to steal my black box kelly.