Hermes... The bags you are not allowed to buy!!

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  1. Just read it now, It's quite amusing.
  2. Funny....I just read this too.
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Actually, a pretty accurate article for once. In any other store, walking in and asking politely to purchase an item they sell is perfectly reasonable. In an Hermes boutique--it's gauche! It's a strange, secret-handshake system, even to me, who has been negotiating it for years. I wish at least SAs would be consistently polite, not condescending.
  5. A very familiar scenario at most Hermes stores. The SAs don't have to be condescending but I see them sending the same message.

    Let's do it differently. I visit Hermes stores on my travels, sometimes I carry H, sometimes I don't, but I never ask for B/K/Cs or even bags. It's so refreshing...and less stressful.
  6. Interesting.
  7. I have pretty much the same experiences as the article reveals. It's fine if they don't have any bags in stock but some SA just have bad attitudes towards this ultimate question.

    I personally still haven't had any luck with the dream bag, tried in a few countries in Europe, Australia and some countries in Asia but nothing so far.

  8. Have you tried Paris, best chance for a walk in... I have done that twice now.

    Great experience. :smile:
  9. Didn't go into many H stores now, it is usually when we travel. However when I do the SAs usually try to do a hard sell but almost always items I'm not particularly interested in buying. It really bugs me that anyone would think I'll be happy even grateful to buy whatever they care to offer.

    With H mostly I want a certain item in a particular colour not the experience so I'm more than happy to buy on the secondary market. It's just easier and hassle free.
    If I see a Hermes store I'll check it out and buy something if I like it, but I won't go out of my way the way I used to making lists and visiting as many H as possible.

    I do still think if a store has what you want in stock and you happened to ask for it at the right time from the right person then you will be able to make a purchase.
  10. I always ask myself why I do the things I do for Hermes or put up with the games.... it's actually quite comical to read about it from someone else's persective and know it is all quite true. Been there, done that.... Thanks for the laugh!
  11. This is news? :coolio:

    There are many things that people can't just walk in and get from many 'posh' stores not just H, and they all have their games. I tried to get hold of a certain Fendi Monster Bug for a friend a couple of years ago, the ridiculousness of it was silly. One of the perks of being a good (regular/mega-funded) customer is that you can get what walk-ins can't. At least the B and the K are in production year after year and there are lots on the second hand market (including CZJ's vintage croc K)
  12. That was a funny read! I´ve always wondered why, if all someone wants is one bag, would any self-respecting person put themselves through the patronizing-disdainful routine of some (not all!) H shops. Sheer masochism? Because the fabled "boutique experience" is nothing to write home about, at least in the H shops in Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and Milan.

    Whereas ANYONE, literally anyone, can peruse reliable consignment shops and get an original H in mint condition (and probably choose from a variety, something that isn´t always true of H boutiques) for one-third to half the original price. So the bit about a H bag increasing its value the moment it leaves the shop isn´t true, either.

    Also, exclusivity? H has so many shops and counters everywhere, it feels almost as familiar as LV and Gucci now. You want exclusivity and custom order, drop by Launer, Delvaux, Charles et Charlus, and many others who really have two or three shops, tops, in all the world.
  13. This is what h want
    Their marketing strategies
    Exclusivity and image
    The right profile customers

  14. Not yet but I'll for sure visit Paris for my next try. Sounds great that you had great experiences! :smile: