Hermes takashimaya singapore experience

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  1. I wish to advise you of my recent Hermes shopping experience in Singapore. I found some wonderful items and I am
    very happy with all my purchases. In total I spent approximately SGD15,000 at three different stores.

    My shopping experience at the four Singapore outlets varied greatly.

    The Hermes store located at Takashimaya unfortunately was the greatest disappointment to me. Please allow me to put it in point form
    in the interests of clarity.

    I selected SGD23,000 worth of items to purchase.
    I also requested a 35cm Birkin. None was in stock.
    I requested that she hold the SGD23,000 worth of items aside until she locates the 35cm Birkin which the SA than promised that she will try though she hinted that she might have 1 made available for me.
    She called me texted me numerous times to insist that I purchase a 30cm Birkin which she has found. I repeated that I wanted a 35cm only.
    Then after many calls to me about a 30cm she finally said she had a 35cm.
    She said if I want the 35cm Birkin, I must first purchase an additional SGD20,000 worth of stock in addition to the SGD23,000.
    Which means to purchase the 35cm Birkin valued at SGD14,600 I must first purchase more than SGD43,000 worth of other items. Total more than SGD57,000.
    When I declined, she then called and texted me a total of 14 times pressuring me to make the purchase.

    I feel that I was harassed by the Hermes staff member to the point that I wanted to call the Police.

    I was happy to purchase SGD23,000 worth of items from the Takashimaya store in addition to SGD14,600 for the Birkin. But not more than SGD43,000 as the
    Hermes sales person insisted.

    I think it is disgusting that I was haggled this way by Hermes and that I was harassed by the sales assistant who continued to call me till 11:30pm at night.

    My experience at the other three Hermes stores in Singapore was totally different.

    DFS Galleria Scotts Cheryl and Vivi, Hermes Liat Towers Diana and Hermes Terminal 3 Changi Airport Barbara. I found the staff at all these stores to be very genuine and helpful and used restraint when recommending purchases for me. They made me feel comfortable and want to purchase more. I felt that they upheld the tradition
    and charter of Hermes as it was intended.

    I will be visiting Hermes Singapore again soon in October/November however I refuse to shop at Takashimaya store ever again.

    My husband and I will be visit the Hermes Paris stores in February 2011 which we are very much looking forward to.
  2. What a nasty SA!

    Did you manage to get a Birkin?
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    Hi. Welcome to the forum but please don't continue to post identical posts and threads multiple times. Thank you!
  4. If you felt so harassed by the SA at Taka, why didn't you just up and leave - and make your purchases at Liat? They have all the same items, perhaps more, and definitely would also have Birkins in stock.

    You were very lucky to be offered a Birkin as a walk-in... others have not been so lucky, even after spending more than that amount over many years with the store.
  5. wow
  6. Oh wow...that is terrible...
  7. OMG, you should have told her manager. That's beyond!
  8. Just tell her you just blew all your money at the new casino. Tough luck, if she wasn't that greedy for sale, she would've gotten a sale with 20K worth of goods and a Birkin, now she gets nothing. :P
  9. Since the OP has not come back to this thread, I am closing it.
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