Hermes Sydney

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  1. Lindy 26 is $11,140 - wasn't it $10k before?
  2. How much was your b30 hun? Its now 16220 togo...
  3. Here is the list i compiled of price updates. its an 11.4-12.3% increase on bags i could compare. I dont know last price of B30 togo but its now i assume 11% increase.
    It makes the resale market all the more tempting now; choice of specs for not much difference to RRP pixlr_20190105014716418.jpg pixlr_20190105014853774.jpg pixlr_20190105015121199.jpg pixlr_20190105015414002.jpg
  4. It was 14720 but novillo
  5. Either way a ginormous increase :crybaby:
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  6. It is...and pricing out a lot of customers
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  7. Sorry ladies does anyone know if the bag quote will be refreshed on calendar year basis?

    How do they count it? Or we don’t have bag quota at all?
  8. Ya my SA did say almost 2k increase so does look like minimum increase on bags is 11%...
  9. Yep definitely after this increase i don't plan on chasing bags like crazy anymore. I wonder if USA and Europe will see a similar % increase when theirs go up in February
  10. Ya i was told by my first SA its every calendar year refresh but Sydney store also has a policy of 6months between qutoa bags. But im sure that rule doesnt always get enforced lol
  11. I pick up my SO B30 on 28/12 and it’s $15150
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  12. Yeh exactly lol. It’s just general guidelines but I see popular IG bloggers who get more than 1 in each semester. It’s up to SM’s disgression
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  13. I pick up my B30 togo back in September last year - $14620
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  14. Ya i had someone else say around this price too. and also the price was 16325 for new togo b30 price... Not 16220. So it is an 11% increase and kelly 28 sellier epsom is 16320 ... 11% is a huge jump for a price increase. I can see how they are trying to differ themselves from Chanel but i still think this increase is just too much...
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  15. B30 is now $16325 ?!?! This is ridiculous! Crazzzyy , Is Hermes trying to tell all of us to slow down ??