Hermes Support Group - Have to wait/save to get your dream bag? Talk about it here!

  1. Everyone was talking about how we need an H Support Group Thread-- IE, for those of us who can't afford our dream bags right now or have to save up for it, this is a thread to talk about it; discuss your dream bag, vent about frustrations in not being able to get it, discuss savings tactics, etc. I know there are a lot of us out there who can't get our dream bag right now and it may be many years before we can, so this is a great way to join with other people in our situation! Maybe the mods could sticky this thread?

    I'll start!

    Hi! My name is S, and I'm an Hermes-a-holic. I was very close to getting my dream Birkin with money from an inheritance from my grandmother, but I'm also house-hunting, and that money should go towards a down payment, really. I'm having to be responsible here, and though I think it's the right decision, it's so hard!

    My dream bags: 30cm Birkins, in Clemence or Togo, Blue Jean and Black, with Palladium hardware :smile:

    Who are you? How are you saving? What are your obstacles? What's your dream bag?
  2. c'mon, ladies, you all talked about this thread... speak to me! :flowers:
  3. Oh S! This Is Totally A Great Idea!!!!! IMO, Nothing Is Like Having The Home Of your Dreams:yes: ......Is That What you Really Want? I Really "Try" To Do The Most Responsible ~ When I Was your Age......I Cared About....Hmm Pocketbooks (nothing Changes LOL), I Was A Work-A-holic....Graduate School, My Man (Aka Now My DH)....S ~ you Are Always Wise Beyond years. IMO, If This Is The Only Chance (you Can Forsee), For One Or The Other......Than THE HOUSE Is!!!!!@!!!!!!1
  4. Hello S. BTW You are the best!!!
  5. Ok. I'll go.

    Hi, I'm Karen and it will be YEARS before I purchase a Birkin. I have bangles, scarves and a Jige and hope to add other bags (Bombay, Lindy, Herbag) as time goes by. I put money in a bank that you have to break to open; so once it goes in, it is NOT coming out, lol. I have set my goal on walking in and ordering or somehow getting one the day I have earned my PhD. I can't think of anything more appropriate for all my hard work. In the meantime, I read, look and admire all the gorgeous bags that the wonderful ladies here have. I live through them. I am thrilled when someone adds a new bag to their family, when a coveted scarf or piece of jewelry is found.

    So, until it's my turn to post a "She's HERE" thread, I will enjoy sharing everyone else's wonderful news!:smile: :heart: :yahoo:
  6. Ok, Razorbackbell I will join you as I am a lady in waiting! I will more than likely have to get a used Kelly as the opportunity to order one in Sydney would be non existant for me and also for the expense factor.

    I would love a vintage black kelly, rigid style in 28, ostrich would be lovely (or even croc-ha ha in your dreams Suzie) but more than likley it will have to be a normal leather but I would love a classic kelly as it's purpose would be going out to dinner or to the races.

    I was bidding on a stunner from myampie but lost out as it went for more than I had. As my 20th wedding anniversary is looming I thought that it would be a great gift. But I am not going to rush it as it will probably be my only Hermes bag.
  7. (((((Kara))))) :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Credit Temo and the other amazing ladies for the idea :smile: I just started the thread. Hopefully we can get a sticky!

    Encore, YOU'RE the best! How's the Troika?

    Suzie, cjj.... welcome! Hehe :graucho:
  8. How fun, our own little club..
  9. Hehe, the "I can't afford what I want right now but I'm still so awesome" club. I dig it!
  10. troika's good S. still has fur. so far. fingers crossed
  11. I second that!!! :biggrin:

    I'm Candace, I own one piece of Hermes because a fairy took pity on me and sent me a good luck token for me to deploy with. I'm 24 and have loved Hermes since I was 7, when I first saw that famous picture of Grace Kelly with her Kelly bag...
    I'm not particularly a Birkin girl, although I dream of a JPG Birkin. I would be 100% happy owning a raisin Lindy and a graphite JPG Birkin (or vice versa on the colors) if those were the only bags I could ever have for the rest of my life. If I had money I would collect all of the Egyptian scarves I could get my hands on (to date Tutankhamun and Tresors du Nil are my favorites). I also am attracted to a few types of bracelet and smaller leather items like a Jige in rose shocking and Ulysses agendas in blue jean or turquoise. So for now I will be happy by saving my money to get perfume.

    Unfortunately I will only be able to afford Hermes bags by deploying to Iraq or going on other missions with my unit to where I will have nothing to do but save my money.
    I don't begrudge anyone that has a more fortunate situation than myself - I am of India's perspective that tpf is like a great art museum and I am happy just to experience Hermes in such a large volume (since it is so rare here in Oregon) by viewing everyone else's treasures. It makes me feel happy and I am genuinely excited by each new reveal that occurs :biggrin:

    I have a great life and the best husband I could ever dream of having, to me that is the greatest treasure in the world (and he's not an HHH either :tup:).
  12. Hello All! I'm Jan and my dream bag is the bolide. Specifically 31cm mou. It will be years (2010) before I'm able gto het my baby. It's not so bad, cause sometime next month, I'll be getting my picotin!
  13. Hi Sarah, my name is Lisa and I'm an H addict too! The latest price increase makes it unreasonable to buy my dream 35 kelly in box, souple...:shrugs:
  14. Hi: I'm dreaming of a GM or TGM picotin in ebene or etoupe. I have loved H items ever since I can remember! I have a few scarves and had a bolide that I foolishly sold. Now I'm savin' my pennies and driving my husband crazy with my "need" for a picotin!
  15. Hi ladies! Welcome to the support group! Cocktails, anyone? :drinkup: :drinks: