Hermes summer sales Paris 2014

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  1. Hi experts
    Any news or informations
    So far from your favourite stores?
    Any updates?
    I miss the one last year
    Appreciate your contributions
    Hoping to make time this round
  2. Dear bagidiotic,
    the H Sale will start at the same time as the official Sale in Paris, Wednesday 25th June!
    I was there in Jan and found some nice items, but didn't queue for the 90's.
    This time the Fall 2012 collection will be on Sale.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks kelly quick replied
    Is it 3 days or 4 days?
    Palais congress usual?
  4. Yes, Palais de Congres!
    Sale goes from Wed until Sat, so you have 4 days to shop!
    Let us know if you go and what you scored!
  5. Lol
    Must do some shopping plans now
    Sure update
    if I m able to make it
    Thanks kelly your great help
  6. Yes, let us know what you scored & most important.. Have fun!!
  7. Wait a minute!? Did i misunderstand something here? This is the first time i heard H has a sale. Any discount involved? or just the fact that more bags are available without playing games with the SAs?
  8. Absolutely no bags or small leather goods at the sale. Only scarves, ties, shoes, apparels and gloves. Discount is 40%-50% off French retail price.
  9. Too bad I will leave Paris on 19/6😭
  10. Oh my!! Thank you for this info! I'll be in Paris that week and it never occurred to me that it would be time for sales! I'm so excited!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. Thanks. Not going that way any time soon, but I'll keep that in mind. Good to know. If the bags are involved, I might consider making a special trip there. Huh....
  12. Gosh, I should go!! I need it!!
    Ladies, does anybody know how it works? Is there a que or any special conditions or you can just get in and buy?
    Sorry for stupid questions, I've never been on such sales :blush:
  13. My dear, you have to line up, and the very first day, this means hours... But after this, you just get in and buy, no conditions at all! :smile:
  14. Gorgeous!! Will 100% go there. And now I should go and check the H 2012 collection:graucho:
  15. I hope I make it there this time!!!