Hermes Store with the best service

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  1. In your opinion what Hermes store(s) have the best customer service and SAs? I've only been in one Hermes store so far, the one in Lenox Square in Atlanta, and I have to say that the SAs there were pretty friendly even though I was just browsing!
  2. The Tyson's Corner boutique in Washington D.C./Virginia has really nice, down-to-earth SAs plus it is a good sized store. The South Florida stores (Bal Harbor & Palm Beach) are the opposite.
  3. Sydney!!!!
  4. and the Gold Coast in Queensland - IMPECCABLE service!
  5. I think Paris and New York, and several airport boutiques, have great service.
  6. VEGAS at the bellagio hotel!!!!!! not just one SA but i've met quite a few super friendly ones!! that's y i keep going back to this store more often than i go to my own local store!!!
  7. Grand Fonds- i must agree Gold coast store was the best service i got in any Hermes store that i've been to..... (They still call me even though i didn't buy anything from them!!!)
  8. Waikiki good, Ala Moana poor
  9. Dubai.. bad..Paris and Toronto ..Excellent
  10. I've had horrible service at the Las Vegas Hermes. And it's too bad 'cuz I visit Las Vegas about 4-5 times/year. There are a few Hermes SAs at BH that I stay away from, but I have one that I faithfully use every time I buy from there. And SCP has a really nice one that another PFer and I go to.
  11. So far I've been to Manhasset, NYC, and SF. No complaints. They tend to hover around you IMO, in these stores.
  12. Best: Hermes Basel/Switzerland - I am sure LaVan agrees...
    whereas SAs at Hermes Zürich are rather snotty.

    Good service as well at Hermes Milan.
  13. I have never been to a Hermes where I have received poor service. Atlanta is my home store and I love the sales staff there, they are always so nice to me when I go in. Last time I went in I told my SA I was moving and that I was kind of depressed about it. She sent me a note that same day telling me what a great job opportunity it was, that I wouldn't really be that far away, and not to worry about not being really close to the store, just to call her and she would send me whatever I needed. She is so lovely. I have also shopped at FSH, NY, SCP and BH and I have always been treated very well at each of these stores.
  14. Frankfurt Germany has great service IMO. By the way I called the Boston store for something and an SA there was very nice and told me to call her for anything I need (excluding Birkins and Kellys of course!)
  15. I'm going to have to say Amsterdam. I was in there with Perja last week and the SA's were wonderful.