Hermès store to open in OSLO in October

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  1. I just got confirmed that Hermès will open a store in Oslo in october. It's going to be a small, nice store and I'm not sure how big the selection will be. So, more fun for tourists in the capital of Norway! ^_^
  2. This was really surprising to me, there is no gucci, no prada, no lanvin, no Cartier, basically no luxury brand store except Louis Vuitton and now Hermès. You'd think at least one of the above would open before H got there no?
  3. That's great news!!!!!!
  4. Ooh lucky Norwegians!
  5. Yes great news (I've been planning to go to Oslo for the longest time, I used to live there as a kid. Now there's one more reason for going:P). I've been wondering about the lack of luxury brands in Oslo as well; Norwegians have plenty of oil money, but maybe they've been content w spending it in France, Spain etc during their holidays.
  6. ^
    Actually a lot of their money go into housing. There was an article on how there were twice as many dollar millionaires in norway compared to sweden in numbers and per centages (Norway population 4.5 mil, sweden 9mill +), mostly due to the fact that the norwegians owned their own accomodations vs swedes renting thus making their property fortunes higher.
    The oil money is managed by a fund the state runs, it doesen't really go that much into private hands at all. It may be an "oil economy" but it's nothing like the emirates.

    You should definetly go though, esp for those of you who can get the tax refund I Norway has the highest sales tax in the world, it's 25%.. ;)
  7. so cool Liberté, I hope they new store will have a good selection of goods...
    I remeber being quite dissapointed in Oslo (for the shopping only, otherwise I loved the city) a hermes boutique will make a big difference
  8. ^^ You're right of course, I haven't been doing proper research and analysis. I think many Norwegians also have secondary homes, "hytter", that they own. The situation is pretty much the same where I live, people's money is tied to appartments and secondary homes.
  9. Does anyone know what date they will open?
  10. That's great news! Scandinavia still lacks the super luxury brands (well Stockholm has quite a lot), but I'm sure that there is a market for it!
  11. Very awesome, Liberte. :smile:
  12. Oooh, excellent. The Norwegian guy I'm dating is so much more appealing now for some reason!!! (ha ha just a little joke)
  13. I think Copenhagen is well "equipped" as well, if not even better. But Oslo and Helsinki...well...there's a good reason to travel!

  14. I wonder how the dollar compares to the currency in Oslo? Will this be a good place to buy in terms of $$ or just product hitting the shelves?
  15. I think it would be good based on the tax refund option, but in terms of full prices it will most likely be quite bad but not terrible, like copenhagen. (VAT is 25% though... )