Hermes store purchase vs. new from reseller

  1. Can we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a Hermes bag from a Hermes shop versus purchasing new from a reseller?

    I know that resellers put a good mark up on the bags of several thousand dollars but is there anything else? :heart: :sos:
  2. The only advantage to buying from a reseller is not having to wait to find what you want. Instant gratification- but as you said, it comes at a price.
  3. Exactly - instant gratification, but I think beyond that, it saves the hassle of having to go through the song and dance of trying to buy other small items along with way to show your interest before a SA will give you the privilege of putting your name on a list...

    If all you want is a Birkin/Kelly and you know exactly what you want, the extra markup you pay may be made up for by the fact you're not buying accessories, scarves, other H bags along the way.

    The other plus is if the color/leather you want was recently discontinued, and a reseller may still have that in stock.
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  4. Excellent point tweetie!

    Another way to think about the mark up is that by the time you actually get your birkin or kelly from Hermes, the retail price could be higher as they usually raise the prices once or twice (?) a year. So think of it as paying the extra cost up front in order to get what you want now.

    Just make sure you are confident with authenticity.
  5. You can also avoid paying State Sales tax
  6. So does this mean that the reseller would have had to wait as well for the item if they're selling it new?
  7. because there is no Hermes here in washington, buying from a reseller is a good option for me coz they come in very handy.... of course, i don't get to experience the full Hermes shopping experience but it is the bag I want, so I settle and just buy the goodies from resellers...
  8. Plus you can get VINTAGE from re-sellers..... (Lolo wanders off into a trance thinking of a vintage croc Kelly!)
  9. Thanks for all of your insight.

    Do you mean to tell me that you have to purchase things (jewelry, scarfs, bags etc) from the SA for the "priviledge" of being put on a waiting list?
  10. Yeah, pretty much - which makes it hard for me since I don't really want anything other than Birkins and Kellys, and I also don't live anywhere near an H store!!

    If you're not as fussy about color/leather as I am, you can sometimes buy one just by walking in when you're travelling. Since I started looking for a Birkin 2 months ago, DH has been to Chicago and was offered one (and there was a Kelly as well), and my boss was recently offered 2 in Paris without buying anything. Unfortunately, none were the colors I wanted.

    If you really want one and aren't fussy, definitely try your luck when travelling.
  11. Where and how do the resellers get the new birkins & kellys?
  12. and through trusted reseller you know you are getting the EXACT bag you want. as in color/leather/HW. in's more of a luck thing..
  13. Hi I live in Washington State too. Could you recommend a reseller for me? I an dying to buy a birkin bag. Thanks!
  14. Some of them have contacts who are VIPs at Hermes, so these people just buy the bags when offered and then sell them to the reseller, who give them a chunk of money for it. That's how resellers can get so many bags in so many varieties at once.
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  15. Thanks kou for the info-I wondered how resellers can gain access to so many new bags.