Hermes Store in Tysons Corner

  1. Ladies, I have a few questions about the Hermes store in Fairfax Square. Have any of you been there? Did they happen to have any Birkins when you went? Was the selection pretty good? I am going to McLean tomorrow and I intend to go to the Hermes store to have a look around and I kind of wanted to get a heads up on what to expect. Thanks!!!!!
  2. Funny...a friend of mine called there today and they didn't have any. Good luck.
  3. I was just there last weekend. There were no Birkins, and only a couple of Kellys, although I think someone might have been buying one of the Kellys. They had some Bolides, which I like. I dealt with Priscilla, and she was very nice.
  4. Did they move to the newly renovated store yet?

    I haven't been in a while. But if they are still in the temp store there aren't too many items. I heard though that they'll have the best supply of stuff once they move to the newly renovated place.
  5. Info. on the store...selection is extremely poor. As I was told and I quote, it has been "very dry" when it comes to delivery of new merchandise. I was also told it comes in "little bits". They don't expect any for a while. They have not moved to the newly renovated store yet. It should be shortly, but they would not give the exact date dute to some delays.
  6. I haven't been in awhile. I know you mentioned wanting a birkin, but the Chevy Chase Mazza Gallery NM had a Kelly bag on Saturday.
  7. Well I did go and they are planning to move to the new store on april 25. There will be an event on the 24th but I think its a private event...not sure. Anyway, I dealt with both Priscilla and Keith there and they were just absolutely wonderful.

    I am going to the Hermes in New York on Friday. it would be nice if THEY at least had a Birkin. My search is getting somewhat frustrating I have to admit.
  8. hey guys, a friend of mine was near tysons corner recently. i'm a tad confused. there's a corner and a galleria, and the shops at fairfax. just how many tysons are there and where exactly IS the hermes store? thanks for helping a confused TPFer out!
  9. I have never seen a Birkin there...although they do exist. I think Fairfax is a "get on the list and they will call you store"...and they have called me for bags...


    Tysons Corner is the city. There are two large malls right across the street from each other..Tysons I and Tysons II ( Galleria)...Tysons II is more upscale..then across the street again is Fairfax Square...which is outdoor boutiques including, H, Gucci, LV, and Tiffany's
  10. You just be zooming through my hood don't ya? Go ahead and take all the birkins nathansgirl. That's why every time I go in there I'm left with bolides and garden parties.
  11. thanks! how far-ish is it from DC?
  12. ^^^It's about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

  13. And if the traffic's's a day and a half (j/k)...DC traffic is the second worst in the country behind LA
  14. Thanks, ladies! :biggrin:
  15. Oh LA traffic is not that bad...
    I mean when else would you get to catch up on the daily news, brush your teeth, make and drink your tea/coffee, tweeze your eyebrows, apply makeup, balance the checkbook, clean out your purse/messenger, log onto myspace on the crackberry and have a decent meal?