Hermes store in Maui

  1. I will be going to Maui on the 28th of this month and plan to visit the Hermes store. I have a Kelly and a Bolide and would really love to add a Birkin to my collection. Does anyone know if I have any chance of acquiring a Birkin at this store? I know I want a 30 cm. I am pretty open as far as leather is concerned. I definitely want PH hardware. As for color I'd be happy with just about any color although my first choice would be rouge vif. Can anyone recommend an SA? Thanks in advance for your help, ladies. You're the best!:P
  2. I thought all Hawaii stores were on Oahu???
  3. ^ Yeah I thought that too...Waikiki area right?
  4. BTW, My sister lives on Maui...let me know if you want any restaurant recommendations...
  5. I loved Maui! Kat, let me know if you want any recommendations too! We stayed at the Four Seasons in Wailea (Maui) and just fell in love with the island!

    As for Hermes- I thought it was on Oahu as well (which is a trip on the island-hopper plane). Supposedly, they always have a birkin or 2 or 3 in the back, and very friendly service.
  6. I don't think there's a H store in maui. we stayed at four seasons in wailea as well in 2004 but I don't remember seeing a H store there. but they may have now......good luck on the 30 birkin! let us know what you get!
  7. There is an Ala Moana and Waikiki HERMES. I've heard great things about both of them and I believe Aspen got her croc JPG there.
  8. I was about to say Ala Moana as well
  9. There is no Hermes in Maui.
    They are in Oahu in the Ala Moana Shopping center and in Waikiki.
    I was just at the Waikiki store the other day and they did have a Birkin on the shelf.
    If you like ostrich then they have a 35 cognac with PH.
    It would be very hard to find a 30 Birkin because they go out so fast and whatever is on the shelf is what they have.
    I was told yesterday that they have a HAC (the smallest one) in blue jean togo.
    I have been waiting for the same size birkin for a few months now with no luck.
    Good luck on your search.
    BTW, Maui is a beautiful island but if you plan to go shopping, Oahu is still the place to go.
  10. Maui is probably my favorite island (Chez Paul is one of our favorite restaurants), despite the fact that it's missing an Hermes store. :sad: Perhaps you can include a sidetrip to Oahu?
  11. Thanks everyone for the great info. I will definitely plan to visit Oahu and Waikki just to see the stores even though they will probably not have a Birkin for me. I will also check out Chez Paul, Orchids. Thanks for the info. I will be there for a full week so I'm sure I'll have time to shop.
  12. ^^Also take a little trip to Mama's Fish House near Paia on Maui--great restaurant on the beach. Fish is brought in daily, and it's just beautiful.
  13. I won't be much help on the Birkin hunt - I also only remember going to the H store on Oahu. But there is still lots of lovely shopping on Maui at the Shops at Wailea... it's a beautiful complex! The Tiffany ladies are so helpful there if you're looking for jewelry!

    ITA about Mama's Fish House - we ate there on our way back from the Road to Hana. I also love Cheeseburgers in Paradise and Sansei for sushi... they've have some funky rolls there!
  14. Sansei is one of my favorite sushi places (at least two locations on near the Ritz and one in Kihei)! Ate at David Paul's (different than Chez Paul's) in Lahaina on my last visit...very good! Leilani's at Whaler's has very good cajun fish tacos (but the rest of the menu only okay)...Hula Grill at Whaler's is also fun for a casual lunch with your feet in the sand...