Hermes Stole

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  1. I've done a search for this but I haven't been able to find anything! Most of the knotting methods are for the 70x 70 or 90 x 90.

    Recently, I purchased a Hermes Bolduc au Carré stole (25" x 71") and I was wondering what ways there are to tie the stole?

    Suggestions will be great!

  2. I have a few mousselines and tend to wear them like regular square scarves. The great part is that they are already rectangular. I just fold them again and hang them down and knot them like a regular scarf or use a shawl ring. I noticed on the scarf page on they put the "play with your scarf" download so you can look there for some interesting ideas. I love the shapes. I have your pattern in white with black. It's a gorgeous pattern and one of my all time favorites.
  3. some of the ladies wear their GM shawls like stoles... that is, the shawls are folded into long strips and worn/tied. so perhaps you can look into that?!
  4. Yes, and you can just let it hang down unknotted too.
  5. I like to wear the stoles quite casually, wrapped around the neck in a loop or a casual loose knot at the front.
  6. Thank you everyone :smile:

    I wore it for the first time last Friday just loose around the neck with a loose knot!

    Balto Bag Lady & DeCrillon I will look into and the link :smile: I didn't realise they had that! Thanks!
  7. Check out another tPF's blog...Maitai's picture book. She is a wonderful source of inspirtation and the embodiment of effortless chic..French.
  8. I'm waiting for this one :graucho: don't know, whether my SA will even get it. Which cw did you get?
  9. I bought the rouge/absinthe/corail colourway :smile:

    Here's a pic!

  10. That is a very cool stole. (plus I love your avatar photo!)
  11. I wear it as a sash in the Louis the XV manner on my waist noted, or with tie on my back as a tuxedo belt hope it helps darling
  12. congrats terri

    the cashmere shawl/stole are very versatile
    wear it any way u want, they jst drape nicely
    loop it, over your shoulder, with a big scarf ring, as a belt, as a dress, or a skirt... 1001 ways
  13. robee we need your famous modeling pics dear .. those enabling pics:P

    terri_berri .. that is a beautiful colorway:love:
  14. Stunning stole!:yahoo: