Hermes Steve Bag

  1. Hi Hermes experts!!

    I was reading in a magazine that Hermes will launch a new men's collection - Steve. Do you have any pics or info on teh collection?? Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. If you do a search there are a few threads with photos of it. Additionally it is in the current issue of Le Monde. Hope that helps!
  3. Is the name actually Steve? Oh..Just sounds very Steve.
  4. Not a collection Gordon but a bag named Steve after Steve McQueen. An all purpose carry-on with interior and exterior pockets.

    DH says it's a good weekender :okay:
  5. I saw a pic, but would love to see a better one.
  6. Pepper you are such an enabler! ;)
  7. I saw the side pic, but would love additional pics.

  8. Gordon - I stand corrected. It appears there are 2 Steve's. One is a messenger bag which I have not seen IRL and the other is a weekend-style travel bag. It is the weekender to which I refer above and which my DH prefers, though it is rather heavy.
  9. KB: check out posts #26 and 50 in that thread (link in post #6 in this thread)
  10. Pepper - you're a sly one :ninja:
  11. Thank you all!
  12. ^^FYI-They have one in BH.
  13. Oops, I just realized that my post a ways back was assuming people wanted to hear about the messenger Steve, when it might have been the travel bag that people wanted photos of...sorry!!
    I may know someone who is interested in selling a graphite messenger Steve, if this is useful.
  14. Oh Pepper, you are such an enabler with all those photos you posted. I just picked up my Steve messenger!