Hermes Starter Wallet?

  1. I'm looking to buy a Hermes wallet for light daily use, Not to sure on which one to get and not looking to spend a crazy amount of $$$ :lol: . Which wallet would be a good starter wallet for my first Hermes purchase? Please reply with any pictures or prices if you have for my reference. Thanks Everyone. :love:
  2. I'm not sure if it's a starter, but I think the best wallet they make is the Bearn, pm or GM. They start at around $1200. It has the most beautiful "H" clasp on it! Pics on ebay...
  3. Thanks for asking the question boku...I'd like a wallet too, but for heavy use. I'll ck. the Bearn Greentea - thanks!
  4. Id definitely go with the Bearn wallet.

    To me "Starter" means something you buy for the first time but lasts through everything, like bag changes, wardrobe changes, physical changes, emotional changes, and changes in finances.. increase of credit cards.. etc.

    The Bearn wallet difinitely seem to last through the years~ very well made, no?
  5. Unfortunately you are going to pay quite a bit of money for an Hermes wallet - I would love a bearn someday myself!
  6. Joanna, my SA said that the Bearn wallets are of outstanding quality with layers and layers of paper thin, lightweight leather that you can't see, underneath the flaps and such, to support it. I also learned that it's usually the women that make these wallets because their smaller fingers and hands are needed for the intricate work and details of these pieces! It would last for many years. I want one in chocolate brown chevre mysore!
  7. I cannot believe how expensive hermes wallets are. I saw a really nice rouge one in vegas....the price tag was $1200 i was in crazy sticker shock!!!!
  8. Nice pricetag on Bearn wallets, but it is gorgeous! An investment for longterm...
  9. I am always a bit reserved on Hermes wallets. They have very limited CC spaces. Only the tri-fold version seems to barely meet my need, but it is not that compact.
  10. Thanks for the info! I bought the french purse LV wallet and love it, althought I'd really adore buying the Hermes. :smile:
  11. I love the Bearn wallet. It is very convenient. Even though the bi-fold only has 5 card slots, there are other compartments to put other cards. In my case, I just use a separate card holder for unnecessary cards like grocery cards, etc.

    The other compartment slides are actually practical if you're travelling because you can put other currencies there. The Bearn wallet is also relatively flat and doesn't bulk up even if you have coins.

    I would definitely recommend it.
  12. Yes, there are two long side compartments that you could put extra cards in. The GM will be perfect for my needs.
  13. I agree with the previous posts - the Bearn wallet is indeed a great purchase. I have a Chartreuse Chevre version and cherish it lovingly. At first, I was a bit miffed by the price but the SA convinced me that it would stand the test of time. They weren't kidding - it's almost 3 years old and looks brand spanking new, despite the fact that I nearly use it every day! Now that's quality.
  14. Another Bearn lover here. I even put my checkbook inside of it and it's still nice and slim. And the quality? Unsurpassed.
  15. Is there a wallet that zips around? Anyone know the price if so?