Hermes SS2008 Runway Shows

  1. Here are the calendar dates ....

    NEW YORK: September 5-12 2007
    LONDON: September 15-20 2007
    MILAN: September 22-29 2007
    PARIS: September 30- October 8 2007

    I do not know when Hermes is scheduled for. Please post any sneak pics of the show the moment you have/spot them. Thank you.
  2. this will be a fun thread! :tup: i can't wait to see what confections JPG will come up with for spring! :smile:

    tentatively i believe it will be:

    samedi 6 octobre
    10h30 KENZO Carreau du Temple - 3 rue Dupetit Thouars - Paris 3e
    11h30 ELIE SAAB Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Delorme *
    12h30 CHAPURIN Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Soufflot*
    13h30 en attente Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Le Nôtre*
    14h30 JOSE CASTRO Le Carrousel du Louvre - Salle Gabriel*
    15h30 CHLOE Espace Ephémère Tuileries - Jardin des Tuileries - Paris 1er
    16h30 MARTIN GRANT Lieu en attente
    17h30 HERMÈS Espace Jardins du Louvre - Place du Carrousel - Paris 1er
    18h30 LIMI FEU Garage Turenne - 66 rue de Turenne - Paris 3e
    20h00 JOHN GALLIANO Lieu en attente
  3. The baseball jacket is really cute. :tup:
  4. Fun! There are quite a few handsome men on this board that could really pull off these looks in a fabulous way! Love the swim shorts.
  5. I love that we have so many guys here!
  6. I think the menswear collection is very femmed up with a slimmer silhouette and sheer fabrics. But, hey, if you can rock it, go for it.:tup:
  7. ^ I love the menswear this season - quite a 60's feel to the cut, which I love.

    Gotta be kinda thin to pull it off successfully. My DH never could.
  8. I can not wait to see the new H collection,JPG alaways brings up the goods.
  9. Really thin!! Most designer clothing is cut narrow to begin with, but this collection in particular is very slim.
  10. MrsS,
    can't help you with the TPM photo insert. These things are so difficult to locate, my SA told me Adaptable would be a better index tel organizer for me.

    Ok, :back2topic:, I have the dates for you for the SS2008 runway shows.

    2 October, Tuesday
    7pm, Jean Paul Gaultier, 325 Rue Saint-Martin, 3rd

    6 October, Saturday
    5:30pm, Hermès, Espace Jardins du Louvre, Place du Carrousel, 1st

    I have the entire calender for Paris, if you are looking for Chanel etc, just ask and I'll post the dates for you.
  11. Nice V necks but - and I know I'm in the minority here - I think white shoes are an abomination. Can't see my other half squeezing into any of that -LOL!
  12. ^ I agree.....white shoes are BLUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am dying to see the Hermes SS2008 fashion runway... and most importantly, the bag sightings!