Hermès Spring/Summer 2021 RTW and Accessories


Jan 20, 2007
Treasure Tower
The full looks for the Spring/Summer runway show: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2021-ready-to-wear/hermes

Overall a very sombre, minimalist show in comparison to the usual bombardment of twillaine garments, which I actually quite enjoy. Almost a hark back to the minimalist 90s cut?

Interesting neckline with use of leather tabs to secure scarves in the first two images below:

Look20.jpg Look33.jpg
Sneak peek of bags, the first reminds me of Celine and also the fairly recent Clic H while the second reminds me of a cross between Vespa/Evelyne with adjustable strap like a belt.
Look22.jpg Bag.jpg