Hermès Spring-Summer 2018 Women's Pre-collection

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    I took some screenshots from their IG live video, but only models who are carrying bags. Hopefully others can update this thread with clearer pics

    IMG_7895.PNG IMG_7894.PNG IMG_7893.PNG IMG_7892.PNG IMG_7891.PNG IMG_7890.PNG IMG_7889.PNG IMG_7888.PNG IMG_7885.PNG

    One more pic of that contour (?) birkin:
  2. Thank you! ❤️
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  3. Look up #hermesfemme on IG for more peeks! Also, the location geotag for FSH.
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  4. Inneresting necklace
    I wonder if it's a part of Punk

  5. Me: *sees pics*

    Also me: *faints*

    These are STUNNING!!

    IMG_1499062814.851076.jpg IMG_1499062825.206344.jpg
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  6. IMG_1499071825.036685.jpg

    Color block bags. Pic found on IG.
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  8. Sellier Kellys! (in Togo and Epsom)

    _ARC0719.jpg _ARC0697.jpg _ARC0563.jpg _ARC0290.jpg _ARC0078.jpg
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  9. Ok I picked out my favourite looks. Overall I thought it was great show, some beautiful print dresses and blouses, and of course leather.
    They showed alot of scarveds tied around the waist with pants - interesting look, though I'm not sure I could pull it off. Really liked the scarves though from what was shown. The jewellery really caught my eye too. Don't have great shots of the bags though.
    First off love these reds (red dress is spectacular!)

    _HER0011.jpg _HER0045.jpg _HER0021.jpg
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  11. Love these printed dresses
    _HER0107.jpg _HER0173.jpg _HER0599.jpg
  12. Printed Blouses
    _HER0128.jpg _HER0196.jpg _HER0580.jpg
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  13. Some more looks (another killer dress for me) and I love the red coat. I like the use of yellow too.
    _HER0620.jpg _HER0786.jpg _HER0824.jpg _HER0721.jpg _HER0746.jpg _HER0445.jpg _HER0428.jpg
  14. Some more and only Hermes could come up with a croc dress - they show it an electric blue too - but I liked the paler version - not so "over the top"
    That's it for me. But plenty of other looks.
    _HER0353.jpg _HER0374.jpg _HER1006.jpg _HER0268.jpg _HER0520.jpg