Hermes Spring/summer 07

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  1. Just wanted to share what i saw in L'Officiel Accessories magazine:


  2. The new Lindy!
  3. I LOVE those shoes.........I have to give myself some time to love the Lindy though......
  4. LOVE the shoes, too. But I have to admit, I'm not a fan of that bag. It looks too... awkward.
  5. I don't know how my things will fit into that bag. like Ginab said a bit awkward
  6. It's interesting...not like I'd have to have it but I'd definitely like to see it in person and play with it. :P
  7. I think i like it...:yes:
  8. shape of the bag looks awkward to me too.
    handles also seem very short, making it hard to carry.
    but is that a shoulder strap i see, like the one on the evelyne?
    but isn't it a strange shape to carry as a shoulder bag.
    it does look the color a light pink?
    i'd like to see it and put it through an inspection!
  9. Yep I dount I can fit in much into the Lindy...just a piece of decorative leather that costs a bomb and won't give my cash any it a miss even before I see it in person...give me a Kelly or Birkin anyday :smile:
  10. ^ ditto, MP.
  11. I third it.
  12. It is a chic bag I could easily see someone in Europe carrying.
  13. I tried out the Lindy briefly in Madrid...not a great bag for me...
  14. KB, I live in Europe and I don't see myself carrying it anywhere. Too small too impractical. I can find better uses for my cashola.

    Too reminiscent of 80s sports bags with that strap if you filled it up because you wouldn't be able to use the handles.
  15. Is it in stores yet! :drool: I can totally pull that off as evening wear! I love it!!