Hermes Spring RAOK Sign-Up

  1. HERMES Spring RAOK
    (stands for “Random Acts of Kindness”)
    FYI----The Hermes Board is actually the Originator of the RAOK program!!

    Accepting People from:
    01/04/08 – 01/20/2008
    Notification of who your buddy is:
    Official Start of Fall/Winter
    RAOK: 02/1/2008
    Presents should be mailed 1x per month and must arrive DURING that month(Feb, March, and April).

    Rules of RAOK

    1. You must have 500 posts and be a contributing member of the
    HERMES board. We do this for safety reasons. There will be exceptions made if you don’t meet the qualifications, please feel free to PM me or JAG! Japster (Elana) will keep all contact information on file, so please contact me when names are drawn to get your person’s contact info. Your are also welcome to send out treats to people other than your official RAOK buddy, just please ask me or JAG for addresses and we will get the person’s permission. Please make sure you sign any unofficial gifts/card as “Your unofficial RAOK friend” so no one gets confused.

    2. If you participated in
    RAOK before and did NOT mail out a gift to your buddy on time or AT ALL, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

    3. You are required to post photos of every gift received within 4 days of receiving it. If you can’t get pics up ASAP, at least post a note on the thread, “I rec’vd your package and will post pics/details later.” The gifts/packages DO NOT have to be expensive (they can be a poem/postcard with a inspirational saying/small
    Hermes item/candy book), but YOU MUST mail 1 item per month. I realize I sound like a nag but I'm the one that gets the PM's from people feeling sad or hurt if they hear nothing from their RAOK person. That's not fair to them.

    4. Please limit all items to $50 or less. You may break this rule 1x during one of the months. We want everyone to feel happy about
    RAOK and not have anyone feeling like they have to spend $900 on a diamond speckled Pink Fur Merkin for HL “The Woodster” finn (though she sure would appreciate it!). Please make sure you update your wishlists on elfster and delete things you’ve rec’vd.

    6. You are welcome to ask for a non-overseas buddy but please let me know when you sign up. I’m going to try my best to match people in nearby countries so that there are fewer incidences of packages getting lost.

    7. Remember this is an RAOK- Random Act of Kindness and is clearly about doing wonderful, thoughtful things for your “person.” Please be willing to actively participate- this means making sure your gifts get there on time and that you post the items you receive. If you are going to whine and kvetch, I will replace your RAOK person with my 78 year old MIL and I assure you that you will have a closet full of knick-knacks from garage sales and OJ jugs filled with broken goldfish crackers.

    8. We will be removing anyone that does not follow the rules/participate. And we will have a back up system in place for missing gifts/unresponsive buddy, etc. Let me know if you'd like to be a part of the RAOK back up system.

    9. Did you notice there was no Rule #5? :roflmfao:

    How to sign up for this RAOK:

    Do not PM- Please email me at: (no spaces) Elana @ to sign up

    Subject should say:
    Hermes RAOK- Your TPF Screename
    Include inside the email your:
    *TPF Screename
    *Phone number (Fed-Ex & USPS need this for International Delivery)
    *Email address

    *Are you willing to take on a person in another country?

    You will receive an official invitation from via email within a day or two if you’ve been accepted.

    You can ask any questions here in the thread or PM me and/or JAG for more info!!

  2. If You are worried about items not getting to your person on time, here are a few sites that ship almost anywhere worldwide and some deliver same day. (they have chocolates, books, dvds, flowers, makeup)

    Florists- Gift Delivery Websites:



    U.K. Florist:

    Finland Floral Delivery:
  3. Awwww, that's too bad about the minimum posts. *kicks dirt with toe of shoe* :cry:

    I'm sure by next time around, I'll have enough posts! :yes:
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    Hooray ~ For RAOK!!!!!!
  6. RAOK is the best thing anybody can do for it on tpf or anywhere.
  7. Sweet!!!! Kangaroo Scrotum Coin Purses are on sale here at the moment!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!!
  8. Thanks so much Jugsey for doing this! :heart:
  9. YAY, bring it on ladies.....another round of fun!!! :yahoo::heart:
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  11. YEA BABY!!!! Another RAOK!!!! Reason to check the mail & package delivery!!!
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    So why didn't you MIL spring for the colored goldfish? So you can color coordinate your snacks to your outfit? hee hee
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  14. :angel: When the jugs are a rockin', don't come a knockin'!
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