Hermes Spring RAOK REVEAL Thread!

  1. This is the Reveal thread for your RAOK packages!
  2. Woo hooo! Here we go again!

    ... and GREAT THANKS to sweet Japster who willingly does this for us all in her "spare" time! You are a doll for doing this again!

    :tender: :flowers: :smooch: :queen::ty:
  3. :heart::heart::heart:I agree! Thanks Japster!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. Thanks Japster :kiss:
  5. Oh boy! Can't wait!
  6. Oh that reminds me i need to package everything up and get ready to send it all out! this is so exciting.
  7. Am sooooooooo excitd!! Cant wait :yahoo:
  8. Even though I didn't participate I am looking forward to the reveals.
  9. Thank you Japster for ROAK Number Three!! You are the best at organizing these.
    I cannot wait to see all the great gifts.
  10. Thank you Japster!! Can't wait to start sending out gifts to my RAOK buddy!
  11. Thanks, Japster. :smile: :heart:
  12. Thanks Japster :flowers:
    Am so happy to be part of the Raok with such wonderful people!
  13. :yahoo: Japster!!!!! Thank You Sweetheart.....You Are Beyond Amazing!!!!:heart:U!!!!!!!
  14. Japster, you rock! :wlae:
  15. I too wasn't able to participate, but this sounds wonderful!! Hopefully next time! Can't wait to see what everyone gets!