Hermes Spring 2009

  1. Same here. Somehow the overall feeling is a bit too edgy.....personally I think it clashes with my perception of what Hermes always stands for: classy, simple, low profile elegance
  2. I think it's a really great collection and I absolutely love the sloughy boots.
  3. Pics are really lovely, but really not feeling the cowboy thing! Love all of those bangles, but the boots are not looking great! ):
  4. Thank you, lilach! Love and appreciate your review!

    Thanks, archangel for the youtube link too!
  5. I am just back from H where I asked some infos about what we saw in the show.

    I was lucky enough to try on a Medor clutch in the new size, 23 cm. It has no pockets inside. I love it, it's just the right size to be held in your hands (whereas the bigger one is probably a bit too wide IMHO). Great evening bag, probably much more wearable than the usual bigger size, I love it. It comes in Box and in exotics.

    The shoulder JPG birkin will officially be replaced by the shoulder JPG Birkin II. The bag will have two pockets inside (one meant to be for the cell phone), the HAC style closure will be replaced by a real Birkin closure, and the bag will loose some of its width compared to the old JPG Shoulder birkin in order to fit better under the arm.

    The shoulder Kelly we saw in the show IS BEING PRODUCED, and as a matter of fact they already ordered some for next S/S 09. It will be made in Taurillon clémence, in more or less all the colours they do in this leather, and the lizard one was obviously just a sample for the show. I don't know anything about SO in other leathers or exotics, sorry. It has a pocket inside, and despite what we saw in the show he told me it is as big as the JPG Soulder Birkin, he specified that the reason for wich it appears smaller is that the width has been reduced (just like in the JPG Birkin II version).
  6. Here's an article from the WSJ:

    Hermes Introduces Marlboro Woman

    If only the Marlboro Man had found Hermes’ Marlboro woman, who sauntered down the runway at Paris Fashion Week Saturday. Only she smokes cigars.

    Jean-Paul Gaultier (Getty Images)

    Hermes traveled to the Far West for its collection, accessorized with bucket hats and fringes. Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier opened and closed the show with two supermodels who rarely take to the catwalk anymore: Stephanie Seymour and Naomi Campbell. With their swinging hips — curvier and more sensual than the current young crop of runway models — they looked like chic prairie girls in their long sleeveless dresses, cinched at the waist with a black crocodile belt.
    Mr. Gaultier took on a cowboy staple — denim — in an Hermes way. One model wore a pair of dark cropped jeans with a sky blue crocodile blazer and vest. Other spaghetti western codes also appeared: a silk scarf wrapped around the neck, and suede boots. Several suede skirts and dresses came with a long fringe.
    There were plenty of bags and rigid suitcases in animal skins. But the most prominent accessory: a cigar. Mr. Gaultier has often used cigarettes as props in past fashion shows. But in accordance with France’s recent smoking ban, none of the cigars were actually lit. –Christina Passariello

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  7. That's great to know, looks like this could be a bag for me. :tup:

    Thank you for your very informative post!
  8. i like the accessories more than the bags. the crocs are lovely but the croc skin jacket is simply too much. i like croc in the form of bags, shoes and accessories, just not all over. some of the clothes are lovely. i've been hankering after a nice white H shirt...
  9. love the colors...some of the 'styles'...they're just not me..
  10. love, love the lizard sandles...just gorgeous
  11. Thanks for the review, trama turgo. I am so happy to hear about Shoulder Birkin II. The inner pockets and smaller width are exactly what I want apart from the weight!!
  12. WOW!!! More goodies coming our way... I really can't wait to see the shoulder birkin II and the shoulder kelly IRL!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! I'm so glad they've re-done the shoulder birkin so that it doesn't stick out so much on the side!!! YAY!!!
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    Medor 23, shoulder kelly and shoulder birkin II will be huge hits.

  14. Love some, hate some!