Hermes Spring 2007 bags

  1. Kelly Flat


    Cabas PM

    Pictures from
  2. Love the Kelly flat! :heart: :heart: :heart: Need to get the tanned color one!
  3. Thanks for the pictures...
    I still can't figure out how to use the kelly tied in a knot!:confused1: I can't imagine un belting ,then unlocking, opening, closing and re belting it everytime I need something,...and then what could you put in there without it looking like strange?
    Looks stylish and completely impractical,:s the other two, ...make sence:P
  4. Cabas PM looks like LV. :P
  5. Oh dear......I'm not crazy about these although of the three, I think the folding kelly has the most potential for its ability to be tossed in luggage and taken on holiday!!!
  6. ^ ditto, D
  7. All the tying up is for show I believe... to demonstrate that this Kelly is completely soft, casual unlike the usual smarter and stiffer ones. The leather is soft enough to be bent around without creasing and can be easily packed. This is basically like Kelly Mou introduced back in the late early 90s? They used Gulliver leather then which is no longer available...
  8. Great pics !!!

    The Lindy looks INTERESTING :nuts: :nuts:
  9. :yes:
  10. great great pics! thank you.
    i don't know why, but i'm suspecting that the lindy will be lined in fabric/silk instead of leather... can't wait for someone to see one irl.
  11. Totally agree Avandome! Imagine when the phone rings! :sweatdrop:
  12. i actually kinda like them!! (the folding Kelly's) ohhhh
  13. It looks like Hermes is trying to put the Kelly in the Birkin "casual" status. For those of us that live more casually, it is great 'cause it gives more choices. I'd like to see it untied and open though.
  14. Great pics but have to admit I don't like any of the styles...
  15. OOOOH, I did not even think of that!.... :wtf: yikes!...