Hermes Special Orders

  1. Dear all,
    I was wondering, are special orders and customisations only available for VIP customers, or is it for everyone? As some may have read my thread on the 'Steve', I called the Hermes boutique to ask whether the bag could be customised, like stated in the magazine i read. I got an email reply saying that it could not be customised....
    So yea, my question is whether I can't get the bag customised coz Im not a VIP or becuase the bag simply can not be altered...
  2. Your answer boils down to how good your relationship to Hermes is. But, for the most part, they don't allow you to alter the design of an established bag.
  3. But how about established bags like the Birkin - I've seen a lot of special orders....mmm.....:shrugs:
  4. The design of the Birkin is not altered. Only special colour/leather combos. SOs are typically reserved for good customers.