Hermes Special Orders - How long did yours take?

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    Finally picked it u from fsh on a last minute
    trip IMAG9728.jpg IMAG9735.jpg IMAG9736.jpg
  2. What do you mean with last minute?
    Do I have a specific time/ Time Range to pick my bag up?
  3. You bag is gorgeous - I Love it
  4. I believe she just meant that she wasn't planning to go to Paris anytime soon but changed her mind and flew out right away. I don't think there is any specific time limit but they will probably get antsy if it's left there for more than a few months.
  5. Most people make arrangements for their store to hold their bags -- sometimes for a number of months. But at least one member was told she had something like two weeks to get her bag, and had to travel internationally to do it. Like all things H, I guess it just depends.
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  7. Yes my sa said he would hold until I go but i prefer having it in my hands in case anything happens. Thanks everyone!!
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  9. I haven’t picked it up yet, but a few members have posted their recent raisin chèvre bags.
  10. I ordered 105cm strap which took 13 month...This time I order 70cm strap...lets see how long this will be
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  12. Yep, that was me. New Bond Street. After threatening to put the bag in stock, they made me WIRE the funds and agreed to keep the bag for just one month. They lost a very good customer (actually two including DH). I detest the SM there.
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  14. hi everyone ! I have a question , does everyone get a copy of your special order ? My SA write on a card didn’t give me any copy and I didn’t take pic ,is that normal ?